Sundays Were Made For Pampering

Hi Beauty's!

Sundays = Pamper Sessions.

For me Sundays mean not only is it the end of the week were its time to relax, but it means a day off! Maybe for you Sundays are a day to recover from a hangover, get over the crazy, busy work week you just had. Family day or a day spent with God. It could even be the a start to your work / school week. Whatever the case I believe Sundays were made for pampering. Pampering that gets you ready to conquer your next week ahead.

So break out your nail polishes, face masks and comfy pants & welcome to my sunday sessions.

If my partner has Sundays off we usually have the day together watching movies, taking our dog for a long walk in the redwoods or disappearing on an adventure/ road trip away somewhere fun.

However if I have Sundays to myself I prepare for the week. My work week starts on Tuesdays so usually I clean my house, go for a walk with my dog Beau, then treat myself like a Queen.

My favourite things and recommendations for Sundays:

Cleanse Your Skin
I start by cleansing and cleaning my skin, using my clarisonic for a great deep clean. I can't recommend this product enough! It is defiantly a luxury skincare tool but if you save up and get one, you won't regret it!

Face Masks
Too follow up from cleansing your skin I like to put on a face mask. My skin in particular lately has been breaking out and I like to help it out by using a deep pore cleaning mask. Its perfect for pamper Sundays because it prepares your skin for the week.
Quick Tip: I like to put a face mask on before I hop into the shower so its eaiser to wash off.

Wash Your Hair & Put On A Hair Mask 
If you have crazy, curly, unruly hair that takes you 2hours to wash, blow-dry and straighten your hair then your days off are beyond perfect for this. I use several different products in my hair to help it get back into tip top shape after having bleach in it, so hair masks are essential. I smother my hair in one and let it sink in while I shave and exfoliate the rest of my skin.

Shave & Exfoilaite 
While waiting on purple shampoo to work its magic on your blonde hair or for your hair mask to soak in I occupy myself by exfoliating my skin using exfoliation mits followed by my new favourite product- Frank Scrub!!! It works wonders on making your skin baby soft and preparing your skin, follow this up with shaving your legs and underarms and voila!

When your out of the shower follow up by drenching your skin in moisturiser. Make sure its smells extra yum so it oozes out of your pores all day.
Quick Tip: Rub in and then layer moisturiser on your feet and cover them with big fluffy bed socks. This locks in the moister and keeps your feet soft and keeps that dry, flakey skin at bay.

Pluck Your Eyebrows
After the shower is the perfect time to pluck your eyebrows, this is because your pores are open after the heat and it tends to let the hair come out easier. I pluck out any stray hairs that ruin my makeup highlight and need to get off my face!

Blow-Dry & Style Your Hair
After my hair has air dried for a little while I add in all the products to save it from heat damage. Unfortunately I have to straighten my hair every time I wash it or it'll stay frizzy and knotty. So I finish it with a blow wave and a GHD finish.

Give Yourself A Manicure and Pedicure
My favourite part! My nails!!! I sit down and get some inspiration off pinterest of how I want to design my claws for the week.  Don't forget to start with a base code, use 2-3 coats of the colour your using then finish with a rapid quick dry top coat.

If I'm staying in for the day I then follow up with a few girly movies and chill out with my dog. Girly movies are the best and make me feel good by how cheesy and amazing they are!!!

But if I have plans and leave the house I take my time and put my make-up on for an hour or so... follow up with a few selfies and bamb! Hello new profile picture. Haha.

Treating yourself every now and again is important. Its a great way to make yourself feel better after a busy maybe even stressful week and I recommend a Sunday or "Day Off Session" to anybody, anyday.



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