February: Wishlist

Wish lists, online shopping carts, and making lists for me are never ending. Weather they are make-up, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories, skincare, tools, toys, gadgets... I could go on but you get the picture right?

Don't get me wrong, at the top of the list are things like health, love, wealth and practical everyday and life things, but for today were talking about the superficial side of life. The colourful, bright fun side that make my obsessions grow and my bank account decrease.

Here's a peak into some of the things that are on the top of my current wish lists.


GLAM GLOW: Supermud clearing treatment mask
MAC: Mineralize charged water moisturise
MAC: Prep + Prime line filler
PHILOSOPHY: Purity made simple facial  cleanser
PHILOSOPHY: Hope in a Jar facial moisturiser

My skin has been up in down in the way it's been acting lately. I have combination to oily skin that has recently been very dry around my chin/ cheeks area and I also have milla, blemishes and dark pigmentation from previous blemish scarring. Also as it's turned the new year that means another year older and getting into my mid 20 something's and worrying about things like fine lines and wrinkles! Eeekk!!!

In my wish list for skincare are things to help me keep blemishes at bay and keep my oiliness under control while also trying to moisturise to help with my extreme dry patches and finally my fine lines under my eyes that have recently gotten more pronounced.


NARS: Bronzing powder in Casino
NARS: Highlighting blush powder in Albatross
NARS: Pressed powder in Beach
NARS: Creamy radiant concealer in Custard
BENEFIT: Hello Flawless foundation in I'm so money honey.
BENEFIT: The POREfessional in agent zero shine powder
URBAN DECAY: Naked basics pallet
LAURA MERCIER: Silk creme foundation in medium ivory

My make-up wish list I think is the main list that is endless. It's my obsession, my love, my passion and my weakness. 15+ of the same product in different shades and by different brands... Arghhh, just give it too me now, please!! I could happily talk and shop for make-up all day long. On my days off or if I'm bored I just continue to search and add too my wish list.


HAIR: Ombre and Extensions 
KAREN WALKER: Daisy ring
BELLAMI HAIR: 6 in 1 curling wand

Lastly is my wish list for materialistic things. My handbag collection is another area that proberly doesn't need added too yet I always find a replacement for. I haven't yet spend up large for a handbag quite as expensive as the one on my list here so really it could be a first? Or am I just making excuses for myself now? I've wanted this bag since forever so now just to save and get the beautiful bad boy!
QUICK FACT: My favourite youtube videos are the "what's in my handbag" types.
They are so interesting and to be honest, who doesn't want a noisy look into what other women carry around day to day? I haven't yet filmed one of these videos but think I will one day soon. Or at least blog it, since that's what I've been 'feeling' lately.

A Michael Kors watch because all mine are broken and I need one for work to keep an eye on the time and the running of the day. This gold one I'm wanting is come serious eye candy, yet still classic and beautiful that'll go with anything. Another item I've wanted for the longest time.

Hair curling tongs. Sometimes I want a bigger, more natural and messy or even tighter curls that I can't create with my GHDs. I have heard lots of good reviews about the Bellami Hair 6 and 1 curling wand so I need to get my hands on it and try it out!

Another Karen Walker ring because they are too cute too pass up! The Daisy ring is next on my list from this beautiful jewellery brand.

Lastly I need some new extensions in my life as my old ones are starting too matt up and are looking very old and dry. Can't wait to purchase new ones from foxylocksextensions.com . Also to get my ombre re-done. Mine has washed out so fast since I got it done because of how light my hair was previously and it's starting too look like I just have roots!! Let's freshen up!!!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my wish list beautys.
What top items are on your wish list?

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