Forever & A Day

Hello my beautiful Bunnys!

It has been, oh so long since I have put pen to paper... or in this case, finger to key to write a blog post! Forgive me! I got caught up in life and started youtube which has also been neglected for life lately.

I went through some of my old blog posts yesterday and realised suddenly how much I missed writing and uploading and how fricken much I enjoyed doing it!

So lets catch up!

First off here is my youtube channel:

I finally started one!!! Wooo!!!!
Also something Im working on. Keep on keeping on girls!! All your support helps me.

I got a promotion!! To store manager! 

Heres a picture I uploaded for when my freshly available assistant manager position became available when I accepted Manager.. This actually made me cry. I love my position, but onto bigger and better things!

I'm blonde again...

Ummm... whoops!! It happened.. if you used to follow me you know its an ongoing thing with me.. I like change? What can ya do!

My puppy is HUGE now... my last post on here was the day we brought him, all tiny and fluffy.. now hes 6KGs and got his mum and dad wrapped around his 4 paws.

Still loved up with my Ginger boyfie...

&&& still loving life, just heaps busy, trying to get it all together..

Stay turned, I don't want to make promises but for now. I'm here if you'd like a read every now and again, keep coming back! :)

Love, hugs and kisses.

Elle xo

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  1. Hey, I can’t seem to find an email address. Can you email me back to ask you a question?


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