Healthy Hair Update: Jan 2013

I got that purple fever!!!

So no surprise too most of you who follow me and know how bored I get with my hair... but I got bored again and dyed it!!! This time, Purple!!!

I love it! It's quite a dark shade and you can only truly see the purple in decent light or in bright day light but I really like the change.

I've been thinking about taking the purple plunge for a while now so took a wee oath and did it. Hopefully it'll get brighter but so far I'm enjoying the slight difference of colour.

Also since I haven't done a healthy hair update in forever I thought I would show you the current length of my hair.

This is it through a filter that brightens the shade of purple... quite cool if it stayed like this 24/7!!!

Getting longer!!!

I'm going to my hairdressers for a wash, cut and blow dry on Thursday. (A cut meaning a bare-minimal trim!)
Get rid of my split ends from my last hair special being ombre. I'm liking the length of my locks at the moment and haven't been attaching my extensions on. So very proud of myself!!

So that's the latest hair, change, news in the life of me!

How long will it last?? Place your bets!

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