Happy YOU Year!!

Hey Beauties!!

I know you hate me for not blogging in so long! I hate myself for it. My laptop has passed away and in between my boyfriend and I house jumping, and moving all our crap in between, plus working like a boss... I'm not gonna lie I've had no time!!

But I wanted to jump on and say happy 2013!! ( I'm only 26 days late) I hope you had a fab New Years!!

Let get into it.. Happy YOU Year!!

I decided to make a few changes in my life to make it better and to ensure I'm happy and on a good, natural buzz daily!!
 I suggest you do the same!! New year, new happier you right???
Damn Right!!!

If you have negative or toxic people in your life that bring you down- get rid of them. Block them out and make you happy and be your 100% self!!

I love my life and the small movements I've made to improve it! 
I wanna aim be a better version of myself everyday.

Create a life that's good on the inside as we'll as the outside. 

So!!! What's up with my new, happier, brighter self?? 

I got a payrise! Boom!! Because I'm awesome- haha no seriously that's the reason why!! ;)

My boyfriend and I are happy as can be and are celebrating our 2 years this year.. Lots of plans for us in between so ill keep you posted as they happen ;)

My hair is getting super long (for me, since I've had it cut up constantly) so I haven't been wearing extensions (WHATTTTT????!!!! I know!!) .
How many times can I change my hair this year?? Hmm today perhaps?

And  I'm legit living by my favourite quote-
Dress every day as if you were going to see your worse enemy. 


Have a great week beauty's, follow me on Instagram to keep up with me inbetween blogs- its were I upload daily pictures of my amazing life!

 Until next time!

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