25 Random Facts About Moi

Hey Beauties!
I just read this Tag on one of my friends blogs here in the blogging world beautyandlouise.blogspot.com and thought I would do the tag myself! I've done 2 of these in the past I think so heres an updated one!
So here it is, 25 random facts about me!
Enjoy getting to know!

1) I hate grass!! My boyfriend threatens to put me on it when we're mucking around and he wants to be mean- he's done it before and I cried! Haha, I legit HATE grass, can't walk barefoot on it and I prefer sunbathing on a towel, on top of concrete!!

2) I used to dress gothic (without believing in the dark side and all that bull crap). Now, I'm like the girliest person I know.

3) I'm a very experienced traveller, started moving countries from age 2 and plan to travel loads more with my partner in the future. Too my many friends scattered around the world- I'm coming for a visit!!

4) I change my hair more than I change my undies.

5) I over think and over analyse EVERYTHING in my head.

6) I believe a baby can't have a baby and I'm still a baby. Oh, and I really don't like children! Ill like my own, but I can wait a few years.

7) I get jealous easily because whats mine is mine. Don't think I won't punch you in the face!

8) I will punch you in the face. Fact.

9) I'm stubborn as hell but most of the time I'm always right and that's why I can afford to be stubborn.

10) I take risks in fashion and beauty. I try new things even when people say somethings ugly or won't suit anyone. I like to change their opinion.

11) Partly to do with fact 10- I cannot stand small minded people. Think outside your box!!

12) I don't need to drink alcohol to go out, dance and have a good time. I'm outgoing, wild and crazy on coka- cola or water!!

13) I'm pretty straight up and say whats on my mind. I can come across a bitch but some people need honesty sometimes.

14) I wear make up because its something I enjoy, something i wanna do, a passion of mine and dammitt because I'm good at it!

15) I'm a great driver... With heavy, heavy, swearing, finger pulling, skilled, loud road rage!!

16) I believe a cup of tea can fix most things.

17) I believe if plan A doesn't work that there's always plan B.

18) I work hard for what I have, what I want and what I get.

19) I can smell smoke from a mile away- I hate fire.

20) I don't think anyone should leave there house in PJs or go shopping in gym clothes. PJs are for bed. Gym rags are for the gym. End of discussion.

21) I hate when people are two faced. Its something I do not believe in being. Without being a complete snobby cow the very few unloved ones of me, they will know I strongly dislike them!

22) I do not like odd numbers except 5 or anything that ends in a 5. That odd lil bugger is all good with me.

23) I hate the word HATE but I use it too often. Example: above all my hate facts^^^.

24) If I could go back and change things in my life I wouldn't. Even the bad things. I truly believe I wouldn't be me and things wouldn't have turned out the same if they were different.

25)I'm in love! With my life, with everything that I've been through. I'm in love with my boyfriend and wouldn't change him for the world. I'm in love with my family and all the things I have. I love this crazy, beautiful life and I thank God every day for it!!

So that's 25 random ass facts about lil old me. Pass it on! Do the tag and find out a few things you didn't know from a few people you follow.

Let me know if you do, do it. I find them super interesting and would love to find out a few things about you!

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  1. I've loved your blog for a while now, and i LOVED this post! You're such a positive, inspiring and fun person X
    I must say shopping in PJs is never okay! I've been guilty of the gym rags on the odd occasions though - eep >.< and congratulations on your YouTube too, looking forward to more awesome videos X


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