Update And Were To Find Ellary

Hey my beauties!!

Sorry it's been awhile. Along with Christmas coming up and a heavy work load my laptop has decided it wants to have a long nap and never wake up!!!! So I'm currently blogging off my ipad which is kind of a harder thing to do!!! 

But I'm here updating you all until I replace my wee buddie!!

I've just returned from the busyest weekend spent up in Auckland for my favourite ginger boyfriends birthday celebrations. We escaped and took off to a city a few hours away from us to chill and keep up our tradition of visiting a zoo every one of our birthdays.
If your in Auckland- check it out!! 

Then we had a family birthday, went clubbing and then had to get up and pretty for a family photoshoot this morning!! Im a tad burnt now and under slept but all in all, it was tons of fun!!

Until I update y'all next time have a fabulous Christmas, spend it with friends and family! Be happy about the feeling of  giving and eat loads!!!!!

Stay happy :) 

You can find me here:

Instagram: @ellarys
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Twitter: @SailorGirlElle

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