Healthy Hair Length Diary

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new segment I'm gonna start on my blog. Its an online hair growth diary.

If you read my blog and/ or know me, you'll know I'm a little indicisive when it comes to my hair! Basically I like to change my hair like I change my undies! I'm currently growing it out and just want to make an online diary so you can follow me and see what new products I use on my hair to keep it healthy and help it grow.
I've been dark brown now for about 4 months and so far I don't want to change that.
So thats step one! Keeping it dark and to its natural colour will help it stay healthier.

I did a blog post on all the products I'm currently using here. These have all seirously helped my hair get into a good condition compared to what it used to be like and for using heat on it daily.
They have restored moisture and helped my hair be soft and manageable.

Here's my hair length at the moment..

I wear clip in extensions daily and find that it helps obviously with instant length but also with it growing out. I notice how long my own hair gets when all I see is it in extensions most of the time.

These pictures are of these set of extensions that have been with me since I had blonde in my hair last and are so wreaked and dry from dying and washing. (Worst thing you can do for extensions) even if they are 100% Remy Hair!! I had these only for 5months and they need replaced ASAP! I can fear no longer however brand new extensions are soon on their way & I'm so excited!!!

So! If your interested at this keep up with me and follow me on my facebook page so you can see when I upload any new blog posts.

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