Sample Bar, What Goodies Did I Get??


If your unfamiliar with what Sample Bar is, basically its the New Zealand version of UK's GlossyBox.
Its a New Zealand subscription service you join to recieve samples from products and things to try out. So that if you like it, you can purchase the full size version of it, without making the commitment first, spending money and then eventually realising you don't like the product later.

I signed up a lil late and missed out on the first months box but this month I recieved mine and thought I'd blog and show everyone what goddies awaited me inside...
This is a New Zealand subscription service only but I'm sure there is one available or one coming to many other countries soon.
((Also, tots sorry for the crappy picture quality, when I expand a picture thats taken from my Iphone, it comes out a lil blurry, I need to learn to pack my camera in my bag and leave that baby in there!!! I was way too excited to wait till I got home to open it up so I strongly apologise!!))

So in this months goodie box, (which has the cutest packaging BTW), I got..

TRILOGY Self Tanning Gel
First of all- This is a 150ml bottle!!! Thats amazing for a ''sample'' box. Maybe each month they will include a full size product? But, either way, amazing!!
I've been wanting to re-purchase a fake tanner recently but just haven't gotten around to it. With the weather in New Zealand getting hot and the sun making its way out!! Unfortuntly today (my day off) I packed a bikni, went out to my parents place for some privacy and planned to lay in the sun all day and start on my natural tan.. the clouds hid the sun however and made this impossible for me! *Sadface*
So I haven't tried this product yet.. but I am going out with the girlies from work next weekend and this might make its first outting, so I'll keep ya'll posted on what I think.
The fact that sample bar included a fully sized bottle though.. Made me very excited!
LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
This is also a fairly good sample size of this moisturiser from Lush. Its a body conditioner that I've used a few times after having a shower. Its very thick and think it would be perfect on someone who has very dry skin. So far I like it, it smells nice, feels nice- though for me, think I wll just be using it on dry patches of my body like my elbows and knees as its abit thick and my skin doesn't get overly dry.

Next I got out this tiny, cute lipstick!
I love that its totally cute and little but the colour I recieved was a nudey- dark brown. The shade wasn't my favourite so I'll probably just give this to my Mum as I know she wears and likes alot of brown toned Lippys!
Other comments was that it tasted nice! Yes, I probs should not be eating it I know, but I licked my lips and discovered that it has the nicest taste too it! Haha If you got this try it out and tell me if yours was nice too!?
The formula lasted a good enough time on my lips and honestly if this was a pink or lighter nude shade I would honestly be keeping this product for myself!
MARVIS Sparemint toothpaste
This is quite a random thing, I thought, to put in a sample box but along I tried it anyway. It says its like the 'classy, chanel handbag' version of a toothpaste.
It comes in a few different flavours which I'm glad I didn't get- black liquorice flavoured toothpaste? No Thank You!! Haha but yes, for a tooth paste not too shabby!
Lastly I recieved the CARON Bump Eraiser Medi Paste. 
It was just a small packet with the product inside. Again I have not used this product yet but will defintly give it a try when I need to use it. Its a paste you rub on like an exfoilator and it helps get rid of and prevent ingrow hairs. Great for if you have that problem from useing a razor from shaving!!
So that was my monthly goodies I recieved from my Sample Box. So far I'm quite impressed, only paying NZ$25.00 and recieveing all this is well worth it, plus I think its great because it helps you randomly try out new products and brands you may not of thought of trying out before.
If you have a supscription service available to you in your country I'd recommend it if your a make-up & product lover like me!!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

What Would You Do If You Wern't Afraid?

My whole life I've been telling myself ''don't be afraid''.
and it is only now that I'm realizing how stupid that is. Don't be afraid.
Like saying don't move out of the way when someone tries to punch you'' or don't flinch at the heat of fire'' or don't blink''.
Don't be human.
I'm afraid and you're afraid and we're all always going to be afraid, because that's the point.
What I should be telling myself is ''be afraid, but do it anyway.''
Live anyway.

Enjoy our life and everything in it. Take risks and do what you've always wanted to do or say.
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!
Peace Babes xoxo

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