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Strips, dots, glitter and plain.. My new favourite thing to do lately is changing all my nails, mixing and matching and having every second nail different!! As soon as one of my nail chips I come up with or see new ideas and have to paint them that way!!! I've gotten so many compliments and just love having my nails all different styles and colours at the moment.


Also I have to give huge big ups to this one product in particular...
 OPI drip dry!! I have very little patience and get annoyed very easily if I smudge a nail and or having to wait for them to dry!! This product has them done within 5 minutes! Everyone should purchase this if you love painting your own Nails and hate waitin on the drying time!! It honestly helps so much!! I am running super low so repurchasing ASAP!!!
I usually try to do my nails before bed and use this product so it has longer to throughly dry and by morning you have no worries or hesitation about doing your normal routine or about smudging your fresh manicure!
Alot of people ask me what products I use on my nails and how I grow them long and healthy.

Honestly, along with eating right and what not, I don't use my nails like tools. I take care of them and the skin around them. I have them painted all the time so they stay strong. I buff them so they have natural shine and no ridges so a smooth application is done when I apply nail polish. I use good products and love having them long so do what I can to grow them that way. I take good care of them!
I file them every week so there even and squared off the way I like and also make sure I file/ cut them down if they break or chip.

Also I find nothing worse than people with chipped nail polish, not painted nails, or short stubby nails, and if you bite.. don't even come near me with them please!! Haha!!

As for products...
OPI. I love OPI!!
I use it from base coat, to full colours, glitter, shatter and top coat! Love, love, love!! The price tag can be a tad on the expensive side but I think it's worth it and recommend it 100%. It lasts a long time on your nails without chipping, the colour payoffs are good and the collections they bring out are super cute!! The only thing I dislike is that it takes ages to dry so that's why the drip dry is my best friend when it comes to painting my nails.
First off I always, always use a base coat! This protects your nails from staining and I recommend getting a good one and always using it!
My use and suggestion- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Also a top coat or shine coat is needed to stop nails from chipping  once you've applied your clour or designs and keeping them hard and shiny.
My use and suggestion: OPI Top Coat
Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat
Keeping the skin and cuticles around your nails soft and in good condtion is also a huge factor for making your nails look good.
I use Jojoba oil.
When my nail polish is all dry, I apply this oil to the cuticles and rub in. This is great as a moisturiser also so I just rub the excess into my hands.
Its such a good oil, I would defintly recommend it as I'm sure it works with helping my nails growth, keeping them strong and keeping them healthy.
So theres my current nail obsession and care.
Got any cute ideas for me?


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