How To: Perfect Brows!!!

I think eyebrows are such an important step when it comes to doing your make-up. Eyebrows frame the face and are personally the first thing I notice when meeting a person.

Also grooming is a big step to keeping and maintaing perfect looking eyebrows so I'll update a second blog post later on, on just grooming the brow.

How I Fill In My Eyebrows

Unfortuntaly, god did not bless me with perfect eyebrows...
Instead he must have known I would adore make-up and be able to fill them in myself!

My eyebrows has become one of my most frequenly asked questions when it comes to how I apply and, or use my make-up.
Alot of my friends and people ask me everyday 'if' and 'how' I fill in my brows and what I use. So here's a wee post to show you that today.

My eyebrows are naturaly very short and don't grow very long. The hairs are also very thin so filling in is needed for me!

What I use:

Nyx Brow Pencil Liner- Dark Brown

Benefits Eyebrow Kit- Medium

Eyebrow/ Eyelash Brush spoolie duo brush

You could use just a pencil liner or just a matt brown powder but I use them both. This techinque works for me, so when you do yours you can work out whats perfect for you and your own routine.

Also I apply this eyebrow step after I have applied my foundation and before I put my powder on as this makes the wax stick better to the hairs.

So I start by taking my eyebrow brush and just brushing the hairs down and into the shape I want.

The first product I use is the NYX dark brown pencil liner, this has a nice waxy consistancy and is a good shade for my current dark locks.

I start from the inner corner, top of my eyebrow and draw a line upto the arch. Then from the bottom I repeat and join at the arch again.
From the arch I lightly draw with the pencil down to were I want my brow line to end and fade out.


I then take my eyebrow brush again and brush and blend out the penical lines I just applied so its not so harsh looking.

The next product I use is my Benefits eyebrow kit. With the angled side of the doubled brush, brush I put some of the wax product on the brush and fill overtop of my entire eyebrow.

I use a small angled brush and with the powder side I go over the brow again, this sets the brow wax, darkens the brow and stops the wax from smudging.

Just as an added defining step and incase any mistakes are made I take a small concealer brush with a little concealer on it and line the skin just under my brow. This takes out any product that has landed on the skin, makes the brow sharp looking and adds as a highlight to the arch of the brow.
This step isn't for everyone as this makes the brow bold, solid and stand out. However they work for me and I have perfected them to how I like them.

Lastly when I apply my powder to set my foundation I make sure I apply and tap over my brows for extra powder setting.


Then when I am doing my eyeshadow of the day I use a highlighter colour and highlight the highest point of my brow down the arch.

So thats my how-to on how i fill in and get my perfect brows!
Hope it helps everyone that has asked and wants to know how.




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