Current Make-Up & LOVES!

I've been shopping and spending so much money online lately that its not even funny!! Once I recieve something, I'm waiting on the next thing to arrive! At the same time however its also benefitting me and is exciting and fun!! So honestly I'm not complaining!
Majority of it has been make-up and so I've been trying out alot of different make-up bits and bobs. I thought I would update on a few products I've been using and loving lately.
A few friends have asked me recently what make-up I've been using, so I thought I would update everyone that wants a wee noisy also..

*Oh and I apologise for the dirty tools and brushes and for the fuzzy photos! When you increase the sizing, it goes BLAH!!*

Lioele, Triple The Solution BB Cream

I was running low on primer (and have been watching Shaaanxo's videos on Youtube regiously) and thought I would try the BB cream she swears by as a primer and moisturiser.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It gives such a flawless base and is high coverage which I love, love, love!! It could be worn just as it is but as it only comes in one shade (light beige) and I have an olive skin tone its abit to light for me and I'm just applying my foundation over top.
I know why people swear by this. It's an amazing product if you want high coverage and a good primer/ acting moisturiser. I apply this too my entire face and just blend it in with my fingers. I would definitely repurchase when I run out. Also mini bonus- it smells like flowers!
Can't say enough! If your looking for a primer.. order this!

Where I got mine:

I currently have 5 different foundations sitting in my make-up draws but the one I've been reaching for the most lately is my Revlon Colourstay Whipped Foundation.
I picked this up from Farmers. Very good foundation if your like me and love full coverage foundations. I have oily skin and find this to be good on my face, not making it any oilyer, cakey or to dark or heavy looking.
It's best blended into your face by your fingers but I don't really like using my fingers with foundations just because I'm abit weird like that!! I use a flat top kabuki brush and blend in using small circular strokes. A little goes a long way and it gives you 100% full coverage. I find it wears on my face really well during the day and I'm really loving using this as its not too heavy looking either. If you blend properly that is!
I would definitely recommend it. I give it about a 9/10.
The only 2 things I dislike about it is:
1- I dislike how it leaves my brush looking and feeling, which is, clumpy & dry (but after a clean its back to super softness)
2- It smells like crap! Hate the smell but love the product as a whole.

Because of the full coverage I get from the use of my BB cream and the whipped foundation I haven't been using a face concealer! Just for an under eye concealer and as a brighter however I use Benefits Erase Paste. Swear by this tiny miracle in an expencive pink tub!!

I use a small concealer brush to remove the product and to apply it on my face and then my beauty blender sponge to blend it into my skin.

MAC's lose powder, I dust this over my face when I have finished applying my foundation and concealer to set them and then over top of that I use MAC's studio finish powder- HOLY GRAIL ITEM!! Best powder I've ever used, I've tried a few others but I always come back to this one.
Some days I only use the compact powder but on nights out or odd days I'll use both the lose and the compact powders.

Narz Laguna bronzer is my go to all over bronzer. Its a great colour shade and I do not regret spending $50+ on it at all!
As a contouring bronzer I use Hoola by Benefit which I only apply into the hollows of my cheeks bones and blend out to make my cheeks appear more defined.

I ordered a blush set when I was making a purchase online recenly and have been using the blushes from this palette the most out of all the others blushes I have. Its good too practice and see what shades you suit and with a palette like this one, is awesome for what mood you want your cheeks to apper that day. E.g- flushed, baby doll like, clown red or otherwise.

Before I apply any shadows or eyeliner to my lids I always use an eyeshadow primer! Sedona Lace Eyeshadow Primer is mine of choice currently. Its just like a face primer but when it comes to your lids, makes the eyeshadows and liners stay all day without creasing or smudging and makes the colour pay off more vibrant. If you don't have one get one. It makes a HUGE difference. Once your used to using one everyday, you never go back! Or at least I never will!
I play with my eyeshadow colours everyday. I always apply 2-3 daily just because thats what I'm used to doing and its just apart of my getting ready routine! I go for natural base colours- creamy, beige, browns and on days when I want abit more colour add abit of purple or dark blue in. I always use a brighter, shimmer shade in the inner corners of my eyes and on the arch of my brows as a highlight. This catches the light and opens your eyes up more.
I recently ordered the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay and have hardly put it down since.
Where I got mine:

Eyeliners & Brows
My liquid liner I've been reaching the most for lately is my MAC penultimate eyeliner. Good colour pay off and always a good choice for a perfect line.
Check out my how- to on the perfect winged liner HERE.
My usal MAC waterliner pencil was running a little short so when I was out shopping I picked up Revlons Black colourstay liner. Super black colour payoff which I love and glids on smoothly. Less espensive than MACs so could be a new favourite for me!
For them Brows of mine, I'm using the same products from my last blog post about my brows. NYX dark brown eyebrow pencil and Benefits eyebrow kit in medium. Currently swear by this routine and products for my brows. Gonna order a clear brow gel soon however just to keep them in place all day and looking like the true sisters they are.

I'm not gonna lie, I excessivly use three different mascaras daily on my lashes. Yes, yes, I know, blah blah!! Its great!! 400 coats of mascara and your lashs look the bomb!!
Firstly I apply Maybelline One by One - 2x coats. Top & Bottom.
Maybelline Falsies Flared- 2-3 coats. Top & Bottom.
and finally Maybelline Great Lash mascara. - As for this one I apply 1 coat and mainly just to the outter corners and bottom lashes of my eye as it has a funny looking smaller tip and is great for harder reached, smaller hairs.
This Saturday I'm gonna have no need for all 3 for a little while as I'm getting lash extensions again. Very exciting, took a notion to get them again and so I booked an appoitment!

I change up my lipsticks everyday so I don't really have a current I'm reaching for daily. But daily I do wear pink! Bring pink, light baby pink, dark pink, all sorts of pink will usally be found on my lips!
LIPBALM!!! Revlons LipButter in Gumdrop! Its a lilic purple and comes out actually purple but I LOVE IT!!! Loving the lipbutter range from Revlon ATM. I'm getting a little collection of them now, they feel like they really are doing a good job in moisturising and great colours to pick from!
Lipgloss I have not been wearing at all lately but I do have my eye on a match for the lilic purple lipbutter I have! WHAT?? Its cute!! Dare to be different!!
Make- Up Tools

To blend in my concealer I use the beauty blender sponge. Love this little purple squishy sponge of joy. Also great for foundations and even powders!! $15 well spent!
MAC's eyelash curler. Had this for years. Still an amazing little contraption! I use this after I've finished applying my eyeliner and before and after I've applied my mascaras.
Make- Up brushes I think are an essential part of applying your make- up so that you look smooth and blended. I'd collected the odd MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes over a few years and got myself the full brush set from the Australian Gloss store which I love for afordableness!
However for years I've wanted top of the range make-up brushes. So I've had my eye on a few different sets online.
When I recieved my Australian tax refund and had that bitta extra money sitting in my bank I knew were I wanted to spend it and what I wanted!
Sedona Lace Make-up brushes!!!
I went abit crazy, spoilt myself and brought not one set, not two sets but three different Sedone Lace brush sets!! Do I regret the $$ I spend on them! Hell- to- the -no!! They are amazing. So happy when I recieved them and still so happy every day that I use them. Best decision ever made on my money online spending habits and my make- up spending abilities!!

Where I ordered mine from (aswell as my blush set and eyeshadow primer):
There we have it!! My current loves and make-up uses. Hope this helped a few of you to encourage to try new things that might just become your holy grails, loves and routines!
Untill next time prettys..


  1. Oooh lucky you with all your new thing! Great post, I am obsessed with Hoola aswell, and love all your Mac lipstick colours, you look gorge! xx

  2. Cute blog! i love the revlon lip butters! they are amazing!

    Leii x


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