June Favourites..

Hey Guys!
So I wanted to do a June Favourites for you today but half way through I realised everything I was putting was everything from my last blog post from my Collective Haul! If I repeated it all that would of got a tad boring because you would of already seen it.

BUT.. I am loving every single thing from it!!
The Drip Dry by OPI? How did I live without it before? It's amaze-balls and I defintly recommend it if you paint your nails alot, it defintly cuts down the drying time.
Go get some now!!!

My Narz Blushes & Bronzer I've been wearing everyday, Both the blushes together or separate.
Love, love, loving the colours!

Also my Benefit Brow Zing! Amazing, been getting so many more compliments on my brows lately. Will do a blog post on how to use this soon as anyone wanting to perfect there brows will honestly benefit from this product, I love this item!


The yellowly- greeny colour, my ugg boots.. seirously everything from my last haul blog post has made it into my favourites this month. So all those plus three random favourites worth a mention..

First off I've had this for 5months or so now but I can't live with out it and I wanted to give it a lil positive feedback!

Its my Iphone..


Now the main reason this is in here for is for everyone that says how much they hate there Iphone or that it sucks or whatever.
Ya'll just ant lovin your phone and its many things it provides you!
Maybe it's who you are, were you live and what you like your phone to do that decides if you love it or not, but for me who is currently living in Sydney, Australia were google maps, train apps and Instagram are needed daily.. I can say I would be lost without it!!
I love my Iphone and would definitely recommend it to anyone!
I think if you treat things right, then they will treat you right back! I know, abit funny to say about a phone but I think this goes for anything in life!
Plus I get to bling it out with pretty phone covers like this one!!

Now who doesn't love a good old cup of tea?
I drink tea pretty much everyday but I thought I would include it as these last few days I've had the worst flu and tea has been the only thing I want to help sooth my throat.
5 cups a day & oh so Yummy!!

My Favourite YouTuber of the month...


I started following her on Instagram and thats what lead me to her YT. Shes fastly become one of my favourites by uploading alot and changing her hair and wearing extensions just as much as I do!
Shes dead gorgeous and is a great watch, I think I've watched nearly half of her videos already and I've only recently discovered her!

So thats another month of favourites for you all. This year is going by so fast!!

July has a few exciting events for me and my Boyfriend this month.. one in particular  happening in 5days time...   :)
Then our friend comes over for the weekend, then she leaves.. then our other friend comes for 9 days!! Bring it on!!!

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