Inspiration When Your In A ''Mood''

Hellooooooo there Baby Cakes..

So tonight I have a short, random non- beauty realated post. I know alot of you used to like when I did my inspirational posts full of quotes and stuff so...

Are you ever just in this kinda mood???

When someone is just there that needs a right old, good, hard slap in the face?

Sometimes I don't understand how rude, and stupid people can be. It puts your mood right down when all your trying to do is avoid people like that in your life.

Here's a few cute, funny pic's and quotes too pick ya'll prettys up if your also in this mood. Don't let anyone bring you down. There not worth your stress or tears!

Always remember..

When somebody annoys you.. It takes 42 muscles in your face to frown.. BUT it only takes 4 to extend your arm and SLAP that bitch in the face!


I hope this helped a little, I love quirky things that help pick up your mood.
Remember Sweet's.. Karma's only a bitch if you are.

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