My May Favourites

Hello June, Goodbye birthday month of May!! :) It's getting colder and a lil more rain is approaching. Oh the joys of the rain!
Here's a few of my favourite things I've been loving in the month of May...

-My Z. palette that I got for my birthday. I love this. I love the packaging of my Mac eyeshadows but they just take up so much room in my make-up case so I decided to de-pot them all and place them into my Z. palette. It's so much handier having them all in one place laid out in front of you with a thin plalett that doesn't take up much room. Also the best part was de-potting all my Mac shadows and returning some of them to Mac for the 'back to mac programme' so I got a free lipstick! Bonus!!
-Purple eyeshadows!! I brought a few new Mac shadows this month and 2 of them were both purple shades which I've been wearing alot of lately. Fig.1 & Plum Dressing. I love adding a bright but still suttle shade to my eyes. The purple shades work well with my Hazle eyecolour in making the green in them stand out a little more.
-Two Mac lipsticks. Mac's Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lippy which is a bright, bright coraly pink lippy & St Germain which is the perfect bright/ baby Barbie pink and they are both my new favourites. I love pink lipsticks and think you can never have enough.. just like shoes, bags, clothes and more make-up!!


-Make-up blending sponge which I've been using everyday for blending in concealers. I haven't used a sponge in so long, but since I got this I've been using it every day! I saw a few girls using one on YT but didn't think I really needed one. I saw it at the chemist and thought I'd pick it up anyway and give it a try, I am so glad that I did because Its amazing! I'm so glad i picked it up, its the blending queen of sponges! LOVE.

-Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I did a review on this mask and its just such a good product at softening my hair and making it super shiny, so it's no wonder I've been loving it this month. Check out the review as I'm sure you'll love this product too if your looking for a new hair mask.

-The Nicki Minaj OPI collection. I am in love with this collection!! I love OPI nail polishes and Nicki Minajs collection is the only one (except for there permanent line) that I've brought more than one of. I love all the colours I have and have found myself re-painting and re-using these everytime I paint my nails this month. The only two I'm missing is: Metallic 4 Life & Super Bass Shatter.

-Finally my last favourite for this month is a YouTuber!! Shannon or Shaaanxo! She's a New Zealander YouTuber and shes just so beautiful, real, cute and so good when it comes to YouTube. She uploads constantly which I lOVE as you really start to miss your favourites if they don't upload regually. Shes so confident and inspires me and makes me even more passionate about my make-up and loving and keeping up with my blog and maybe even starting a YT channel one day!
I'm sure you've all seen her but check her out again anyway because she is my favourite and alot of fun to watch:

What or Who is your faourites this month beautys?
That's the end of my fav's for this month.. untill next month..

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  1. You NEED sot start one asap babe face and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shaaanxo now follows your instagram.... I know you know already but Ahhhhhh!!!! :D Love you x


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