Collective Haul: Make-Up, Shoes, Jewelry..

Hey guys!!! Sorry that its nearly the end of the month and I've hardly blogged!
It's been a busy month, non-stop weekends with friends and family coming and visiting from home to work being crazy and late finishes!
More to come next month with 2 different friends visiting at different times!! Looking forward to seeing there faces though!! Exciting times ahead for me and my boyfriend!

SO! Onto the haul, I have purchased so many things this month, from make-up to clothes, shoes.. I thought I would show a few that were worth a mention & that I've loved.
I brought a few make-up products, and was so excited too see there was a NARZ stand at my department store. I had heard alot of good things about the NARZ foundation, bronzer and blushes so I purchased the Gaiety & Orgasm Blush & Laguna Bronzer. I also got a tester of the NARZ Sheer Glow foundation which I loved and will purchase next time I'm near the store. I still love my Mac Studio Fix Fluid but I've been branching out and trying new foundations lately.

So the blushes and bronzer! I LOVE! No wonder everyone loves it! The laguna bronzer is a perfect shade for my skin and I'm liking using it as an all over bronzer. Orgasum blush has been said to be the number one blush colour ever, that suits everyones skin types. Its definitely a nice blush and has been one I've been using nearly everyday since I got it. It has a little bit of shimmer in it and is just a really nice colour if your after a peachy blush. Gaiety I purchased because I was searching for a baby pink blush that would suit my olive skin tone, this one was the ticket and is a perfect dolly baby pink. Loving my NARZ products ATM!

From Benefit make-up I brought one of the Brow-Zing eyebrow kits. I got the colour shade medium. I've been loving using this kit, as before I was using a pencil and powder. This kit has a wax then you apply the powder. Great shade match for me & recommended if your looking for a easy- fire way to do your brows.

Benefit Playstick Foundation!! I used to use this a few years ago but decided to get it just to put over top of my foundations for extra coverage. Plus it has such a nice smell too it. Not sure what scent but its plesent!

Revlon photo ready foundation! Yes I brought another foundation! I used this before I used the Mac studio fix and new I loved how it was on my skin. Like I said I want to try out different foundations and thought I would get this for odd days when I don't want to use my expensive Mac. This was only $25 from Gloss! I'm thinking of purchasing and trying the colour stay soon too which is the same price from Gloss store.

Gloss is my new favourite shop for cheaper products and bit and bobs!! I've pretty much purchased every 'Gloss Professional Brush' that they have on sale there. I love these brushes, there super in-expensive but are such amazing quilty!! Every time I go in, I add another one to my collection. If your in Australia or there is a Gloss shop near you go in and try them out!! They are honestly great.


I have been going crazy for jewellery this month!! Feather earrings, crosses, bow's & clips for my hair.. I've been obsessed this month! I've been wearing rosemary beads and feather earrings every day.


Nail polish!!! OPI!!! This first little bottle is 'Drip Dry' which you drip onto your nails after you've applied your base, colour & top coat. It drys them to the touch within 30seconds and fully within 5-10 minutes, this helps considering OPI's take at least half an hour to set usally. (Or for me I think they do). You still have to be careful after the 10minutes but its a big help and I can't believe I haven't purchased it sooner!
 'Need Sunglasses' and Nicki Minaj's glitter polish in 'Save Me'. No such thing as too many polishes in your collection!

This cute shirt I got because I'm just obsessed with this lime- yellowly colour ATM. I just want it in everything!!

New shoes!!! Because I can never have enough!! I feel in love with these heels as soon as I saw them & I needed them in my life! Spikes and colour! Ohhh so beautiful! Only thing is.. pain is beauty. They are the most un-comfortable shoes I own!!! I think they need a few more nights to get broken in. I don't know why but they just put me through the most pain my feet have felt in ages, & I own alot of heels. Maybe I'll start wearing them around the house daily to get them broken in.
More shoes? But not my usal heels.. I GOT UGG BOOTS!!!

Finally after YEARS of wanting these beautiful, warm, comfy's I finally forked out and purchased some. I love them and with the freezeing cold weather we've been having in Australia lately they have come in handy and kept my feet oh-so-toasty!
So that's a few worth mentioning products I've purchased lately. It's funny, since moving to Australia my boyfriend has purchased more clothes than me and I pretty much just spend all my cash flow on make-up!! Not that it's a bad thing, I just haven't found too many clothes that have intrested me so I spend my money on the other things I love in life! Everything else!!
I picked up this hair dye today. Relax! It's not a drastic change again, it's just a dark choclate brown.  The last time I dyed my hair dark from blonde I missed a few streaks, so I have a couple blonde bits flying around my head. I got this and have made a semi deal with myself.. I will dye it dark this last time (If it covers well) and will then leave my hair!
Stop with the changes Elle!!!

The last 3weeks I've had Ombre (Pretty much the only hair style I've never done) and then purple ombre running through my mind. I did attempt dying the ends of my extensions purple but that was without first bleaching or lighting the ends.. a major fail as they didn't take at all!
The purple is still on my mind but I've been growing my hair out for a few years now, with changing my hairstyle in between, right now I just really want to just grow out the length, layers and my fringe. With doing that my little deal is trying to not change my hair untill it gets to a decent length, not change the colour to anything lighter to ruin my hair. I use such good products on my hair because it is dry and damanged from the changes and from straighting it often, that if i scarifice not giving into my need for change it will finally get to the result I want it at.
Extensions help as if I wear them every day and then suddendly go a week or so without wearing them I notice how much it's grown!
I think I'll start a hair diary on here so you can follow my process???
 My hair grows super slowly but I have noticed lately how long it is getting for me and its so exciting!!!

So yes, dying this week and then leaving.. Promise! *(With fingers crossed behind my back)* ;)

Well that's my purchases from this month and my little hair rant.
Is it just me or has this year gone by super fast already!?!?


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