My 22nd Birthday Shenanigans

I'm 22!!
One year later, still blogging & still enjoying life!!

I had, THE BEST birthday this year!

And it was all because of my amazing boyfriend who spoilt me rotton with amazing presents and fun surprises!
So this post is just showing you what I did for my celebrations and few things he got me.

It started off with us waking up at 6am to my boyfriends alarm.. He was soposed to go to work so I thought I was going to be alone all day and was ready for a pamper day! While I was checking my notifications I recieved a wee text from him (even though he was laying next to me) which literally made my day!!

I got super excited from the text & was so glad I didn't have to be alone and out of everyone I could of spent the day with I'm so happy it was with him!

Then he showed me what he had planned for us to get upto that day..

Taronga ZOO!!
For his 21st Birthday we went to the Zoo in NZ so we're thinking of making it a birthday tradition!

It was so much fun, I love animals and love having a day at the Zoo spent with an amazing person!

I think I'm in love with platypus's. I couldn't take a photo of a real one because the flash of the camera bugs there little eyes but they are my favourite!!!

I got to open my pressies before we started our day and I loved every single one and realise how well my boyfriend knows what I like and ace'd everything down to a pink, shiny capital T! Even the disney princess wrapping paper was perfect for me.

He got me a 21st Card and a 1 year old card so it could be more special and personal in his own way! How cute! Also I found a cheeky wee polaroid pic left in my new..

Steve Madden Handbag!!
I love this bag, it suits me so much! I'll do a 'whats in my bag post' in the next few weeks. Watch this space..

New Gold edition GHD's & Stefan Leopard print blow dryer & pink blow drying brush.
My blowdryer blew up on us when we first moved to Sydney about 2 months ago & about a week before my birthday my GHD's decided they wanted to crap out on me also.

Luckly I got to use our flatmates tools untill I could replace them, but Kazy bet me too it and went out and replaced both of them for me for my birthday!
In love with the blowdryer print & the new GHD's are so smooth to use.
RIP oldies :(

I got a gourgeous orange heart's charm to add to my pandora bracelet. I lovvit and it'll always remind me of him because 1, Its orange.. like his beautiful head of hair and 2, its got hearts all over it because I love his gingerness. LOL

We got matching bracelets.. We call them our wee 'gay bracelets' Too cuteeeee!!!

My pink snap back cap..

Lastly, theres no such thing as a girl having too many shoes.. I am in love!
The pink, diamante ones I have been on the hunt for, for over 2years ever since I saw a piture of them. My amazing BF found them and got them for me because he knew this. I think they are the definition of me and all that I love.

We finally had our first night out in Sydney.. which was an intresting night! Lots of fun though! I loved my weekend! I had loads of fun and surprises and so greatful for wonderful people in my life!

Lastly my flatmate made me a cupcake strawberry cake which was YUM!
I got a few more pressies from friends which was so sweet to recieve.

On Sunday I got my day made all over again when I got a wee phone call too say..
I GOT THE JOB! Woo, working lady again, I have a list the length of my arm so lets get working..


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  1. Super babe had lots of fun with ya!!! YOUR so BEAUTIFUL!!! xxx


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