How-To: Mend Your Split Nail

So I learnt a little trick for if you split a nail that I thought I'd share with you guys. It'll keep it stronger untill it grows out if your not prepared to cut it short just yet.

Unfortunately my nails have taken a beating since starting work!! It saddens me that three have split!!! Whats worse is they have split too far down my nail for them to be clipped and filed back. So instead of having little bald stumps I'm going to use something called the 'tea bag trick'.

Basically what you'll need is a tea bag, a pair of scissors, a nail buffer and the nail polish your going to paint your nails with.

Start by cutting open the tea bag and pouring the tea leaves out so your left with just the cotton bag.

Cut small strips or squares that will cover your split thats made it's annoying way into your beautiful long nail!!

Buff your nail and the area of the split so it's flat and won't catch on anything.
You may need to clip or file your nail shorter to ensure the split doesn't go any further. (Recommended!! As the split can still split the cotton if your nails too long and bends and catches on anything, so snip, snip!!)

Paint a fresh paint of base coat and place the tea bag strip were your split is. Then paint another thin layer of base coat over top.

When it's dry paint the rest of your nails like normal..

You'll be left with a small bumpy area on your nail but it's better than having it split anymore!
You can also add a glitter nail polish over top too hide the bumps of the tea bag if you like. The more layers you have the stronger your nail will keep.

Hope this helpes anyone who's had problem with there nails breaking!!! It works wonders if your like me and can't stand short, unslightly nails!!

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  1. This is a neat trick - my nails are always splitting :( xoxo


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