Hello May, OOTD & Hair Update

Hello my Beautys! Hello May && happy Thursday everyone!!

I had a Interview today that I was super excited about! I won't say who it was with but I will say I was super proud of myself for making it to the interview stage and weather or not I make a position in the company I was beyond greatful to be considered!!

Here's a few pic's of what I wore. Yes I wore all black but it's for a funky company that wear's black for a reason. ;)

Outfit: Sequin collar shirt, wet look leggings, leather converse, gold knot earrings & my giant pink Pauls Boutique Barbie Bag that matched my nails and lips and brought a pop of colour into the outfit.

I love wet look leggings, especially if you have to wear all black! Adding the different textures to a black outfit really spice's it up. I didn't think the wet look leggings and my leather converse would suit together but I tired it this morning and thought it looked pretty good together.
Also I wore my cute new sequin collared shirt which I wore buttoned all the way up! I lovvit!!

Make-up details:
Nails- OPI's La Paz-Itively Hot
Lipstick- Mac Pink Nouveau
Lipgloss- Mac Loud And Lovely

Also I dyed my hair on Monday a shade of 'darkest brown'. It's gone black but after a few washes it'll fade to a dark brown. The blonde was coming through and was doing my nut in!!!
It's the same shade I was around this time last year.

This face sums up exactly how I felt about my interview today!
Excited, happy & proud!

My 22nd Birthday is next Friday and I'm super excited!!! No matter how old you are birthdays are always fun.

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  1. love the lippy - fingers crossed for your interview x


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