Product Review: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque.
This hair mask is a hair reconstructor that penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair for improved shine and elasticity. It has Macadamia & Argan oils thats great for deep nourishment and is a long lasting conditioner. Such a good product for reconstructing dry damaged hair.
I was tossing up between getting this product or the 'Maroccon Oil Hair Mask' as I have a Maroccon Oil product already and love how good that brand is. But, I had heard alot of good reviews about this Macadamia product so thought I would go for this one instead..
Yay for me because this hair mask is AMAZING!!
It really makes your hair super soft and super shiny! The smell is amazing and a little goes a long way with this product so it'll last awhile. I'm so glad I added it to my hair care routine. You can use it once or twice a week or as your normal conditioner depending how often you wash your hair. I wash mine every other day so use it as my conditioner every other day which works out perfectly for me. Depending how dry/ damaged your hair is or how eaisly greasy your hair gets will depend how often you use yours.
It's a high end product and is only available at hair dressers or beauty suppliers with the price range being about $40.00. It is quite a pricey product but by far in my option is worth every cent if your wanting to take care of your hair and want to treat it with a leave in mask. I highly recommend this one. It ticks all the right boxes for me!
Recommended if your looking for a leave in mask!! 10/10!
Have you used this product before? Do you LOVEITT as much as I do?

How-To: Mend Your Split Nail

So I learnt a little trick for if you split a nail that I thought I'd share with you guys. It'll keep it stronger untill it grows out if your not prepared to cut it short just yet.

Unfortunately my nails have taken a beating since starting work!! It saddens me that three have split!!! Whats worse is they have split too far down my nail for them to be clipped and filed back. So instead of having little bald stumps I'm going to use something called the 'tea bag trick'.

Basically what you'll need is a tea bag, a pair of scissors, a nail buffer and the nail polish your going to paint your nails with.

Start by cutting open the tea bag and pouring the tea leaves out so your left with just the cotton bag.

Cut small strips or squares that will cover your split thats made it's annoying way into your beautiful long nail!!

Buff your nail and the area of the split so it's flat and won't catch on anything.
You may need to clip or file your nail shorter to ensure the split doesn't go any further. (Recommended!! As the split can still split the cotton if your nails too long and bends and catches on anything, so snip, snip!!)

Paint a fresh paint of base coat and place the tea bag strip were your split is. Then paint another thin layer of base coat over top.

When it's dry paint the rest of your nails like normal..

You'll be left with a small bumpy area on your nail but it's better than having it split anymore!
You can also add a glitter nail polish over top too hide the bumps of the tea bag if you like. The more layers you have the stronger your nail will keep.

Hope this helpes anyone who's had problem with there nails breaking!!! It works wonders if your like me and can't stand short, unslightly nails!!

My 22nd Birthday Shenanigans

I'm 22!!
One year later, still blogging & still enjoying life!!

I had, THE BEST birthday this year!

And it was all because of my amazing boyfriend who spoilt me rotton with amazing presents and fun surprises!
So this post is just showing you what I did for my celebrations and few things he got me.

It started off with us waking up at 6am to my boyfriends alarm.. He was soposed to go to work so I thought I was going to be alone all day and was ready for a pamper day! While I was checking my notifications I recieved a wee text from him (even though he was laying next to me) which literally made my day!!

I got super excited from the text & was so glad I didn't have to be alone and out of everyone I could of spent the day with I'm so happy it was with him!

Then he showed me what he had planned for us to get upto that day..

Taronga ZOO!!
For his 21st Birthday we went to the Zoo in NZ so we're thinking of making it a birthday tradition!

It was so much fun, I love animals and love having a day at the Zoo spent with an amazing person!

I think I'm in love with platypus's. I couldn't take a photo of a real one because the flash of the camera bugs there little eyes but they are my favourite!!!

I got to open my pressies before we started our day and I loved every single one and realise how well my boyfriend knows what I like and ace'd everything down to a pink, shiny capital T! Even the disney princess wrapping paper was perfect for me.

He got me a 21st Card and a 1 year old card so it could be more special and personal in his own way! How cute! Also I found a cheeky wee polaroid pic left in my new..

Steve Madden Handbag!!
I love this bag, it suits me so much! I'll do a 'whats in my bag post' in the next few weeks. Watch this space..

New Gold edition GHD's & Stefan Leopard print blow dryer & pink blow drying brush.
My blowdryer blew up on us when we first moved to Sydney about 2 months ago & about a week before my birthday my GHD's decided they wanted to crap out on me also.

Luckly I got to use our flatmates tools untill I could replace them, but Kazy bet me too it and went out and replaced both of them for me for my birthday!
In love with the blowdryer print & the new GHD's are so smooth to use.
RIP oldies :(

I got a gourgeous orange heart's charm to add to my pandora bracelet. I lovvit and it'll always remind me of him because 1, Its orange.. like his beautiful head of hair and 2, its got hearts all over it because I love his gingerness. LOL

We got matching bracelets.. We call them our wee 'gay bracelets' Too cuteeeee!!!

My pink snap back cap..

Lastly, theres no such thing as a girl having too many shoes.. I am in love!
The pink, diamante ones I have been on the hunt for, for over 2years ever since I saw a piture of them. My amazing BF found them and got them for me because he knew this. I think they are the definition of me and all that I love.

We finally had our first night out in Sydney.. which was an intresting night! Lots of fun though! I loved my weekend! I had loads of fun and surprises and so greatful for wonderful people in my life!

Lastly my flatmate made me a cupcake strawberry cake which was YUM!
I got a few more pressies from friends which was so sweet to recieve.

On Sunday I got my day made all over again when I got a wee phone call too say..
I GOT THE JOB! Woo, working lady again, I have a list the length of my arm so lets get working..


How-To: My Perfect Eyeliner & Winged Look

Here's a post for my easy eyeliner how-to and getting the perfect winged eyeliner using liquid liner.
When it comes to my make-up most people comment on my winged eyeliner the most!
How do I do it?
How do I get a perfectly precise line?
How long does it take me? What do I use etc, etc!!

I pretty much do the winged liner nearly everyday and have been for a few years and I've perfected it in the best way I know how. So to me it comes eaisly and I can do it super fast. It can be tricky, especially for beginners but with practice makes perfect!

To start you need..
A black pencil liner & a black liquid liner.

The pencil liner I use is MAC's Black Engraved liner. Its a smooth eyeliner that can be applied eaisly. Try get a soft liner thats eaisly slid across your skin, there is nothing worse than an eyeliner thats cheap & drags your eyelid skin- OUCH!
A trick to making it smoother is burning it with a lighter for 1.5 SECONDS only!!
You don't want it to catch on fire, you just wanna warm and soften it up!

The easiest liquid liner I suggest to use is a 'pen' style liquid liner.
My favourite and the one I use is MAC's Penultimate liner. I canno't love these two eyeliner products enough!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

After you have completed the eyeshadow you want to wear for the day you can start!

Firstly I take my pencil liner and line my tightline.

Tightlining is when you apply liner to your upper lash line, right at the waterline to make your eyes stand out and give the illusion of fuller, darker lashes and bigger eyes. The idea may scare some people, but it's really quite easy.
Gently pushing your eyelid back line the little space of skin between your eyeball and your lashes.

Next I do this little trick that most people don't do but I recommend it, (especially for beginners), just to fill in any gaps incase you miss drawing a perfect line with your liquid.

Pencil line your eyelid starting from your inner corner to the outer corner staying as close the your lashes as possible.

Now you can take your liquid liner and starting from the inner corner draw over top of the pencil you just did. Line using small strokes, this makes it eaiser to get a straighter line and this also controls how thick you make the line. Continue this untill you get to the outter corner of your eye.

Next.. Winging it!

I carry out the line from the outter corner to however long I want my wing to go. (Start off with a short wing first as it's eaiser to start off shorter, fill in and then extend out rather than going to far and having to start again!!).

Then I open my eye and join the wing together in a triangle and then fill it in.

Take a look, straighten out the liner if theres any bumps, make it thicker if you perfer and extend out to however big you want your 'wing' to be.

Finally I take my pencil again and line my lower water line.

Finish off your eyes with lashings of mascara and you have my eyeliner routine!
Like I said, practice makes perfect so the more you try this out the eaiser it gets!
Promise, easy as pie!

Hope this helps you all with using liquid liner and getting a winged effect!

My 22nd Birthday in 2days! Whatttttt! Excite!

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