I did it, I done it, It's Done!

Yep, Yup, Yap.. back to my roots I go..

Is there a cure for hair colour change, super bordem syndrome? Because I have that problem and I don't have a cure!! I really should count how many hair styles I have had, how many I go thro in a year and how much it costs me!!
Luckyly I did this dye job myself using a handy box dye from the chemist and that only set me back $30 for 2 boxes which did my full head && extensions.

The colour is quite light because of how blonde some on my hair was, so I'd say I'll need to re-do this in a few weeks or so. Also I'm thinking a shade or 2 darker would be better suited for me but hey I'll give it a few weeks, ya'll should know how indecisive I am by now.

I really wanna buckle down and leave my hair to grow, grow, grow, so now that its back to dark hopefully I can last changing the shade and let it be free..

I lovvit ATM but I know I say this every time anyway..

What do you's think of the change??

Stay Excellent!!!

xoxo- E

1 comment:

  1. no cure, nope! couldn't find one for myself, either! :) we can't give up until we find the 'perfect' one and untill we start losing loads of hair...creepyy!!


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