How To: Hair Bow

Hair post today to show you how to do the Lady Gaga inspired hair bow!

I love doing the hair bow if I'm having a lazy day and just want to tie my hair up and out of my face. This gives your hair a quirky, cute look especially if your like me and don't like wearing your hair tied up very often!
First off you can do this bow with shoulder length or longer hair, mine is down to my lady lumps but has very short layers in it so is quite thin at the ends which doesn't make the bow very effective with the layered hair popping out in the bow!

So for this look today I have my extensions in my hair but it does work in shorter lenght hair just not as well with short layers!
You will need: A brush, bobby pins, 2 hair ties & hair spray.

So to start, go to pull your hair up into a high ponytail.

Grab your second hair tie and with your hair in the pony tail pull it forward into a bun with a little bit of hair in the front left out, secure so that it looks like this..

Next pull both sides of hair in the bun down on either side of the pony and secure with bobby pins. You can seprate the middle here making each side of the 'bow' even.

That little bit of hair you left out in front of the bun, you want to pull that up and pull it over the middle of the seprated bow, pin hair down secerly behind the hair tie.
Spray a little hair spray to secure and flatten any annoying flyaways.

You have your very own hair bow made from your own hair!
Try it out. It gets easy the more and more you do this. You can also try it with your hair half up half down, or lower down behind your head!

Super cute!


  1. awww this looks so cute! Will defnitely be trying this one out! xx

  2. Such a fab tutorial and it looks so good. Will definitely be trying this out. xo

    1. Thank you girls!! Try it out:) I find it super easy now! :)xx

  3. Looks SO cute! Can't wait to try it myself :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Omg i love the bow! your stunning btw :)

  5. This is brilliant! loving your other hair post too! Giving you a follow :-)

    Amanda x

  6. Aww I can do that it's very easy for me even though my hair is short


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