How To: Double Hair Braid

Quick, easy, cute and simple hair braid if your bored and and want to add a little something, something to your hair for the day!
All you need for this look is bobby pins!!!

To start, have your hair sitting anyway you want it, I perfer with this look having it down, straight or curly, but it also looks cute tied up.

Pick and start on one side of your head..
From underneath your hair, pull out a little amount of hair..

Start platting in the opposite direction. When its long enough and can be hidden under some of your hair, secure with bobby pins.

Repeat from the opposite side of your head.

When you've finished your braid, fluff your hair up, hairspray down any flyaways and you have a double hair braid made from your very own hair!

I think this would be the perfect hairstyle for a toga party, you can be a greek goddess!!
Try it out!



  1. At first I thought you'd brought a braid that matched your hair, I really like this idea, looks so good! xx

  2. i love this braid its soo cute you really have good hair tips(:beckii xx


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