No I Can't Be Bored With My Hair Again? ...Or Can I???

Hey babes & bloggers!!
So If you read my past blog posts you'll know I have a slight problem with changing my hair...

Right now.. I wanna change it again!!
ARGHH, I know!! I only changed it too blonde & extensions a lil over a month ago but maybe with my roots coming through I'm getting bored. I was thinking going all over blonde && I also thought about going ombré style..

 ...but because my hair is still short without extensions I'm thinking an all over chocolate shade will do dandy && for my birthday which is soon asssssss, getting some new extensions.

Ohh, the boredness I feel & the price my hair (&myself come to think of it) pay to satisfy my needs for a while. 
Watch this space yet again.. Hair could be changing!!!

Stay excellent!!


1 comment:

  1. Your like me. I'm already bored with my brunette hair so Ima go getting it done next week haha ! Soooo excited xxx


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