I just got off a skype date with my very good friend Liana!!
I did a blog post last year introducing her to all of you. 

Well as some of you know I recently just moved to Sydney and in 6days shes moving here too!!
She actually booked her tickets way before I even considered moving here so I have known for awhile.  Now the time is finally here when it seems like its been FOREVER!!! I'm so excited to get my good friend back and she's making it just in time for my 22nd Birthday celebrations!! Double YAY!!

She actually has her own blog so everyone should check it out:

So we had a little catch up on Skype, laughing and carrying on like we were really together, we make eachother a little hypo I think!! My ipod cord ended up being used as a headbad for part of the call!

Blahh, little nutters me and my friends!

Hope everyones having a happy Monday!

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  1. Ok so your inspiration worked and I've blogged everyday! Lol thanks babe xxx I see you soon :D


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