To The Good Life

Dear God,
Thanks for this beautiful life and forgive me if I don't love it enough..

Thank you for the amazing parents I have.

& for my three awesome brothers that I had growing up, even though I wished for a sister, THANK YOU for not giving me one :)

Thank You for my two beautiful niece's & soon to be nephew! I love being an Aunty.

Thank You for letting me find someone I fell in love with and who truely makes me happy.

Thank You for letting me choose and surround myself with good people I call friends.

& thank you for everything else in my life, thats great & every opportunity you have given me.
 I could go on forever but these are the things in life I'm truely grateful for and thank God for every day.

Free my heart and mind from Jealously and please help me be a better person daily.

Everyone should reflect on what your grateful for in life weather its to God or your parents or yourself.

Everything I have, do and want to be and how I want to live my life is for and.. To the good life.


  1. Good thinking, we should all be grateful for everything we have. Nice blog ;)


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