How To: Double Hair Braid

Quick, easy, cute and simple hair braid if your bored and and want to add a little something, something to your hair for the day!
All you need for this look is bobby pins!!!

To start, have your hair sitting anyway you want it, I perfer with this look having it down, straight or curly, but it also looks cute tied up.

Pick and start on one side of your head..
From underneath your hair, pull out a little amount of hair..

Start platting in the opposite direction. When its long enough and can be hidden under some of your hair, secure with bobby pins.

Repeat from the opposite side of your head.

When you've finished your braid, fluff your hair up, hairspray down any flyaways and you have a double hair braid made from your very own hair!

I think this would be the perfect hairstyle for a toga party, you can be a greek goddess!!
Try it out!


How To: Hair Bow

Hair post today to show you how to do the Lady Gaga inspired hair bow!

I love doing the hair bow if I'm having a lazy day and just want to tie my hair up and out of my face. This gives your hair a quirky, cute look especially if your like me and don't like wearing your hair tied up very often!
First off you can do this bow with shoulder length or longer hair, mine is down to my lady lumps but has very short layers in it so is quite thin at the ends which doesn't make the bow very effective with the layered hair popping out in the bow!

So for this look today I have my extensions in my hair but it does work in shorter lenght hair just not as well with short layers!
You will need: A brush, bobby pins, 2 hair ties & hair spray.

So to start, go to pull your hair up into a high ponytail.

Grab your second hair tie and with your hair in the pony tail pull it forward into a bun with a little bit of hair in the front left out, secure so that it looks like this..

Next pull both sides of hair in the bun down on either side of the pony and secure with bobby pins. You can seprate the middle here making each side of the 'bow' even.

That little bit of hair you left out in front of the bun, you want to pull that up and pull it over the middle of the seprated bow, pin hair down secerly behind the hair tie.
Spray a little hair spray to secure and flatten any annoying flyaways.

You have your very own hair bow made from your own hair!
Try it out. It gets easy the more and more you do this. You can also try it with your hair half up half down, or lower down behind your head!

Super cute!


I just got off a skype date with my very good friend Liana!!
I did a blog post last year introducing her to all of you. 

Well as some of you know I recently just moved to Sydney and in 6days shes moving here too!!
She actually booked her tickets way before I even considered moving here so I have known for awhile.  Now the time is finally here when it seems like its been FOREVER!!! I'm so excited to get my good friend back and she's making it just in time for my 22nd Birthday celebrations!! Double YAY!!

She actually has her own blog so everyone should check it out:

So we had a little catch up on Skype, laughing and carrying on like we were really together, we make eachother a little hypo I think!! My ipod cord ended up being used as a headbad for part of the call!

Blahh, little nutters me and my friends!

Hope everyones having a happy Monday!

To The Good Life

Dear God,
Thanks for this beautiful life and forgive me if I don't love it enough..

Thank you for the amazing parents I have.

& for my three awesome brothers that I had growing up, even though I wished for a sister, THANK YOU for not giving me one :)

Thank You for my two beautiful niece's & soon to be nephew! I love being an Aunty.

Thank You for letting me find someone I fell in love with and who truely makes me happy.

Thank You for letting me choose and surround myself with good people I call friends.

& thank you for everything else in my life, thats great & every opportunity you have given me.
 I could go on forever but these are the things in life I'm truely grateful for and thank God for every day.

Free my heart and mind from Jealously and please help me be a better person daily.

Everyone should reflect on what your grateful for in life weather its to God or your parents or yourself.

Everything I have, do and want to be and how I want to live my life is for and.. To the good life.

New Products: Benefit, Redken, OPI!!

So I had a mini product splurge today and thought I'd show everyone some of the new purchases..

- Benefit, Hello Flawless Powder
-Benefit pack, The POREfessional & Erase paste and girl meets pearl minis.
-Benefit, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, mini tester foundation.
-OPI's, Nicki Minaj Polish In shade Fly.
-Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-dry Lotion
-Gloss Professional, Angled Powder Brush
-Gloss Professional, Concealer Brush.
I went to the city for a wonder today as I'm home alone untill a wee job comes along (fingers crossed something comes up soon, HIRE ME!!). I went to the make-up department for a new powder as my belovered Mac Studio Fix Powder has hit pan and I'm scraping the sides of whats left. I've been using the Mac powder for a few years so decided I wanted to try Benefit's face powder again as that is what I was using before the Mac. When I was talking to the lovely girl who worked there I was telling her my sitution and the product I used to use. To my unknow pleasure I have upp-ted my tanning and was not that shade any longer but about 2-3 shades darker! Yippeee!!!
Tho the powder I was asking about only came in 3shades, I used to use shade 2 but its now too light and shade 3 was too dark with a orange shade colour too it. She suggested I try the 'Hello Flawless' powder in the shade Beige. I tired it out, liked it, figured I was in need of a new powder and did come to the counter to find somthing new so purchased it. She also showed me what was on offer at that moment. (Usally I don't like the add's that they tell you to try purchase but I always listen and seem intrested because I know its there job to tell us) This time however I was intreged and tempted.. It was the POREfessional pro balm that acts as a primer to help minimize the appearence of pores. I had seen this on a recent YOUTUBE beauty video and new I wanted to try it, but the added benefit was that it came with a mini Erase Paste and a mini Girl Meets Pearl testers. Erase paste was also on my 'To Try' list so said yes to that also!
So from Benefit I walked away buying the powder and POREfessional balm..

& for free I got the mini Erase Paste, the mini Girl Meets Pearl ANDDDDD... out of kindness she offered me free make-up lesson, application and a sample of the new HELLO FLAWLESS Foundation that is coming out on the 28th of April for the launch of the foundation hitting there counter on that date.

So I walked away with 3 mini samples all for free!! && all things I said I wanted to try from Benefit!

The mini sample of the foundation comes in a cute, bottle with a handy pump, perfect for travel! Unfortuntaly they were all out of my colour but I got the closest shade to me just to try out how it feels, sits and lasts on my face.
Looking forward to trying all these products!


Make-Up Brushes!!
I purchased two inexpencive brushes from a  shop called Gloss.

Small angled powder brush which I will use to fill in my eyebrows and a small concealer brush just for under my eyes. These were about $7.00 each, & they actually feel of really good quailty and are nice and soft.
I keep telling myself that one day I will buy myself a full professional make-up brush set but just haven't yet got around too it. So untill then I will just add to them every now and again. I haven't purchased a new brush in about 2years!! WEOW!

OPI's Nicki Minaj polish in the colour shade 'FLY'. Super pretty greeny- blue shade. My nails are bare and un-sightly right now so gonna paint them up after I've finished typing this blog!


Redken's satinwear ultimate blow-dry lotion. I haven't yet used this as I only wash my hair every other day so in turn only blow drying my hair every other day also. But I've heard super good reviews on this product and am wanting to get my hair back into tip- top condition again. With the amount of heat that I use on my hair to tame and style my frizzy bap this hopefully will do wonders.

So in conclusion all these products are currently unused but I'm looking forward to applying them to my face, hair or nails && will tell you all my honest opinion of what I think of them once they have been used!!

Does anyone have or use any of these products?? What do you think? Let me know!

Stay Excellent!

xoxo- E

New Craze: Instagram!!

So I'm sure that most of you have heard of and if you have an iphone have downloaded the app Instagram! If you haven't basically what it is, is a Iphone app thats like Facebook but all you share is pictures! You edit pics, upload, like, comment and follow other Instagram-er's and there photos!
It's a lot of fun tagging your photos, aiming to get them to the 'popular' page and follow your mates who also have the iPhone app!

If you have a beautiful Iphone join and show your snap- shot pics on this popular app && find and follow me on Instagram using the name:
Look forward too seeing y'all on there!

Stay excellent!!


I did it, I done it, It's Done!

Yep, Yup, Yap.. back to my roots I go..

Is there a cure for hair colour change, super bordem syndrome? Because I have that problem and I don't have a cure!! I really should count how many hair styles I have had, how many I go thro in a year and how much it costs me!!
Luckyly I did this dye job myself using a handy box dye from the chemist and that only set me back $30 for 2 boxes which did my full head && extensions.

The colour is quite light because of how blonde some on my hair was, so I'd say I'll need to re-do this in a few weeks or so. Also I'm thinking a shade or 2 darker would be better suited for me but hey I'll give it a few weeks, ya'll should know how indecisive I am by now.

I really wanna buckle down and leave my hair to grow, grow, grow, so now that its back to dark hopefully I can last changing the shade and let it be free..

I lovvit ATM but I know I say this every time anyway..

What do you's think of the change??

Stay Excellent!!!

xoxo- E

No I Can't Be Bored With My Hair Again? ...Or Can I???

Hey babes & bloggers!!
So If you read my past blog posts you'll know I have a slight problem with changing my hair...

Right now.. I wanna change it again!!
ARGHH, I know!! I only changed it too blonde & extensions a lil over a month ago but maybe with my roots coming through I'm getting bored. I was thinking going all over blonde && I also thought about going ombré style..

 ...but because my hair is still short without extensions I'm thinking an all over chocolate shade will do dandy && for my birthday which is soon asssssss, getting some new extensions.

Ohh, the boredness I feel & the price my hair (&myself come to think of it) pay to satisfy my needs for a while. 
Watch this space yet again.. Hair could be changing!!!

Stay excellent!!

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