Ohhh Heyyy Yo.. Remember me??

OMG talk about not writing a blog in FOREVER!! (4months) What a long ass time and I apoligise for my absence! I have no excuse TBH!! I just got really busy, wasn't staying at home and didn't have time to write my blog.. SADFACE!!!

 I'm back!! I think.. LOL or too the best that I can be!! I'll try update ya'll as often as I can!
Promise to try! LOL

First off.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So far 2012 is great!!
Sooooooo... WHATS NEW???
Besides Everything, here's a few mains..

Unsure if many of you will notice but I updated the look of my blog a lil. Time to freshen up!!

My boyfriend and I moved in together for real!! Wahhh, I have to live with a boy!! (Lucky me he's good, clean and the perfect snuggle partner) but the crazy part is we moved citys, countrys, too.. Sydney in Australia!!

ATM I'm currently unemployed. Looking for a new job in make-up, retail or reception!! Fingers crossed something comes up soon because Sydney has some amazing shopping malls with make-up that wasn't available in NZ and 100 shoe stores for me to get my feet into!! Bring it on please!!
 It's been a lil over 1 week in this shiny, crazy, busy place but so far so good.

I had THE best leaving party from my girls at work. Which was themed to my favourite thing, SAILOR PARTY!! Miss the girls but I know I've made friends for life!!

I changed my hair.. again, I know, I know, AGAIN ELLE? Yes, I don't think I would be quite me if I didn't get so bored & needed to change my look.. again!! :)
Soooo..... since the last time.. I got a full head of blonde foils and a major re-style which was a thinned out mullet type hair cut which I LOVE! I decided my hair had gotten to a nice length I was happy with and could wear it without the need of extensions..

Then, 3 weeks after that and a week before moving I decided I wanted to get another full head of white/ashy blonde foils and long hair!! I squeesed myself into my friends salon and got my dye job (LOVE) and new extensions!! Hello (again) long hair.

Ohhh I know I'm never content!! Lets see how long we last aye.. I've already got ichy feet and thinking of new fringes and a pop of colour maybe in the near future.. watch this space!!

Heres whats happened in my life in the last few months through a few pictures.. Enjoy!

Attended a Wedding..

Got a few new Gadgets..

New Shoes at New Years..

Sydney Livin..

Enjoying a Red Velvert Cupcake & loving life..

Untill next time babes..

 xoxo- E


  1. Looks like you've had a really busy time - I love your hair!


  2. the haircolor in last picture, the one eating a cupcake, that's the perfect blonde and suits u very well ;)


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