New OPI: Pink Friday!!

Hi girlies!! Quick post today showing ya'll my new wee purchase.

OPI's Nikki Minja's nail polish in the shade Pink Friday.

I've wanted this shade since this Nikki M range came out and today I treated myself and brought it!!
It's the perfect baby pink Barbie colour.

Today was the first time I've really had the chance too look at this collection and as soon as I picked up the pink I saw the other shades and fell in love with them too!!

I'm in love with these two other shades and thinking of adding them to my collection in the near future.

Does anyone have these shades?? What do you think of them??

Today I'm just chilling in my bfs jogger bottoms, chilling out and dreaming about rebuilding my wardrobe as soon as I get some cash flow!! 


Stay excellent, E- xoxo

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