New OPI: Pink Friday!!

Hi girlies!! Quick post today showing ya'll my new wee purchase.

OPI's Nikki Minja's nail polish in the shade Pink Friday.

I've wanted this shade since this Nikki M range came out and today I treated myself and brought it!!
It's the perfect baby pink Barbie colour.

Today was the first time I've really had the chance too look at this collection and as soon as I picked up the pink I saw the other shades and fell in love with them too!!

I'm in love with these two other shades and thinking of adding them to my collection in the near future.

Does anyone have these shades?? What do you think of them??

Today I'm just chilling in my bfs jogger bottoms, chilling out and dreaming about rebuilding my wardrobe as soon as I get some cash flow!! 


Stay excellent, E- xoxo

Updated: Got Ink?

So in my time of absence I got two new editions to my body ink.

One of my best friends and I decided on two different tattoos that we both wanted to get but in different places.


One of them being an anchor with a small heart which I got with the personal meaning to me of being, I've traveled so much in my life, gone all over the world I wanted something to symbolise that and also because I'm obsessed with sailors and hearts!! I love, love, love my little anchor and think its perfect for me. I got this behind my ear and Jess got hers on the outter side of her wrist.

The next one we got was a small quote which I've been in love with for awhile, in Italian it says "alla bella vita" which translated means "too the good life". I'm very into thinking positive and enjoying, living and loving life, so that's why I wanted this. At first I wanted to get this inked on my finger but Instead got it on the inside of my wrist, were for me I can read it everyday and know I'm living and aiming for the good life!
(jess got hers on her shoulder)

I'm In love with tattoos and already know two more I'm planning to get in the future.

So everyone... Got ink??

Tiki Tour Day

Thought I'd do a quick post today to tell ya'll what I got up too today..
My BF & I went for a little self tour today to Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House.

It was a very warm day and half my face melted off!!

Then we went for a wee walk about and went through the gardens where there was the noisiest things up in the trees...

Those noisy things were.. TREE BATS!! Never have I seen so many and bats in daylight before!!
They were quite amazing!

Untill next time babes!!

xoxo- E

Ohhh Heyyy Yo.. Remember me??

OMG talk about not writing a blog in FOREVER!! (4months) What a long ass time and I apoligise for my absence! I have no excuse TBH!! I just got really busy, wasn't staying at home and didn't have time to write my blog.. SADFACE!!!

 I'm back!! I think.. LOL or too the best that I can be!! I'll try update ya'll as often as I can!
Promise to try! LOL

First off.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So far 2012 is great!!
Sooooooo... WHATS NEW???
Besides Everything, here's a few mains..

Unsure if many of you will notice but I updated the look of my blog a lil. Time to freshen up!!

My boyfriend and I moved in together for real!! Wahhh, I have to live with a boy!! (Lucky me he's good, clean and the perfect snuggle partner) but the crazy part is we moved citys, countrys, too.. Sydney in Australia!!

ATM I'm currently unemployed. Looking for a new job in make-up, retail or reception!! Fingers crossed something comes up soon because Sydney has some amazing shopping malls with make-up that wasn't available in NZ and 100 shoe stores for me to get my feet into!! Bring it on please!!
 It's been a lil over 1 week in this shiny, crazy, busy place but so far so good.

I had THE best leaving party from my girls at work. Which was themed to my favourite thing, SAILOR PARTY!! Miss the girls but I know I've made friends for life!!

I changed my hair.. again, I know, I know, AGAIN ELLE? Yes, I don't think I would be quite me if I didn't get so bored & needed to change my look.. again!! :)
Soooo..... since the last time.. I got a full head of blonde foils and a major re-style which was a thinned out mullet type hair cut which I LOVE! I decided my hair had gotten to a nice length I was happy with and could wear it without the need of extensions..

Then, 3 weeks after that and a week before moving I decided I wanted to get another full head of white/ashy blonde foils and long hair!! I squeesed myself into my friends salon and got my dye job (LOVE) and new extensions!! Hello (again) long hair.

Ohhh I know I'm never content!! Lets see how long we last aye.. I've already got ichy feet and thinking of new fringes and a pop of colour maybe in the near future.. watch this space!!

Heres whats happened in my life in the last few months through a few pictures.. Enjoy!

Attended a Wedding..

Got a few new Gadgets..

New Shoes at New Years..

Sydney Livin..

Enjoying a Red Velvert Cupcake & loving life..

Untill next time babes..

 xoxo- E

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