Update And Were To Find Ellary

Hey my beauties!!

Sorry it's been awhile. Along with Christmas coming up and a heavy work load my laptop has decided it wants to have a long nap and never wake up!!!! So I'm currently blogging off my ipad which is kind of a harder thing to do!!! 

But I'm here updating you all until I replace my wee buddie!!

I've just returned from the busyest weekend spent up in Auckland for my favourite ginger boyfriends birthday celebrations. We escaped and took off to a city a few hours away from us to chill and keep up our tradition of visiting a zoo every one of our birthdays.
If your in Auckland- check it out!! 

Then we had a family birthday, went clubbing and then had to get up and pretty for a family photoshoot this morning!! Im a tad burnt now and under slept but all in all, it was tons of fun!!

Until I update y'all next time have a fabulous Christmas, spend it with friends and family! Be happy about the feeling of  giving and eat loads!!!!!

Stay happy :) 

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Sample Bar, What Goodies Did I Get??


If your unfamiliar with what Sample Bar is, basically its the New Zealand version of UK's GlossyBox.
Its a New Zealand subscription service you join to recieve samples from products and things to try out. So that if you like it, you can purchase the full size version of it, without making the commitment first, spending money and then eventually realising you don't like the product later.

I signed up a lil late and missed out on the first months box but this month I recieved mine and thought I'd blog and show everyone what goddies awaited me inside...
This is a New Zealand subscription service only but I'm sure there is one available or one coming to many other countries soon.
((Also, tots sorry for the crappy picture quality, when I expand a picture thats taken from my Iphone, it comes out a lil blurry, I need to learn to pack my camera in my bag and leave that baby in there!!! I was way too excited to wait till I got home to open it up so I strongly apologise!!))

So in this months goodie box, (which has the cutest packaging BTW), I got..

TRILOGY Self Tanning Gel
First of all- This is a 150ml bottle!!! Thats amazing for a ''sample'' box. Maybe each month they will include a full size product? But, either way, amazing!!
I've been wanting to re-purchase a fake tanner recently but just haven't gotten around to it. With the weather in New Zealand getting hot and the sun making its way out!! Unfortuntly today (my day off) I packed a bikni, went out to my parents place for some privacy and planned to lay in the sun all day and start on my natural tan.. the clouds hid the sun however and made this impossible for me! *Sadface*
So I haven't tried this product yet.. but I am going out with the girlies from work next weekend and this might make its first outting, so I'll keep ya'll posted on what I think.
The fact that sample bar included a fully sized bottle though.. Made me very excited!
LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
This is also a fairly good sample size of this moisturiser from Lush. Its a body conditioner that I've used a few times after having a shower. Its very thick and think it would be perfect on someone who has very dry skin. So far I like it, it smells nice, feels nice- though for me, think I wll just be using it on dry patches of my body like my elbows and knees as its abit thick and my skin doesn't get overly dry.

Next I got out this tiny, cute lipstick!
I love that its totally cute and little but the colour I recieved was a nudey- dark brown. The shade wasn't my favourite so I'll probably just give this to my Mum as I know she wears and likes alot of brown toned Lippys!
Other comments was that it tasted nice! Yes, I probs should not be eating it I know, but I licked my lips and discovered that it has the nicest taste too it! Haha If you got this try it out and tell me if yours was nice too!?
The formula lasted a good enough time on my lips and honestly if this was a pink or lighter nude shade I would honestly be keeping this product for myself!
MARVIS Sparemint toothpaste
This is quite a random thing, I thought, to put in a sample box but along I tried it anyway. It says its like the 'classy, chanel handbag' version of a toothpaste.
It comes in a few different flavours which I'm glad I didn't get- black liquorice flavoured toothpaste? No Thank You!! Haha but yes, for a tooth paste not too shabby!
Lastly I recieved the CARON Bump Eraiser Medi Paste. 
It was just a small packet with the product inside. Again I have not used this product yet but will defintly give it a try when I need to use it. Its a paste you rub on like an exfoilator and it helps get rid of and prevent ingrow hairs. Great for if you have that problem from useing a razor from shaving!!
So that was my monthly goodies I recieved from my Sample Box. So far I'm quite impressed, only paying NZ$25.00 and recieveing all this is well worth it, plus I think its great because it helps you randomly try out new products and brands you may not of thought of trying out before.
If you have a supscription service available to you in your country I'd recommend it if your a make-up & product lover like me!!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

What Would You Do If You Wern't Afraid?

My whole life I've been telling myself ''don't be afraid''.
and it is only now that I'm realizing how stupid that is. Don't be afraid.
Like saying don't move out of the way when someone tries to punch you'' or don't flinch at the heat of fire'' or don't blink''.
Don't be human.
I'm afraid and you're afraid and we're all always going to be afraid, because that's the point.
What I should be telling myself is ''be afraid, but do it anyway.''
Live anyway.

Enjoy our life and everything in it. Take risks and do what you've always wanted to do or say.
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!
Peace Babes xoxo

My Nail Care, Nail Art & Prodcuts

Strips, dots, glitter and plain.. My new favourite thing to do lately is changing all my nails, mixing and matching and having every second nail different!! As soon as one of my nail chips I come up with or see new ideas and have to paint them that way!!! I've gotten so many compliments and just love having my nails all different styles and colours at the moment.


Also I have to give huge big ups to this one product in particular...
 OPI drip dry!! I have very little patience and get annoyed very easily if I smudge a nail and or having to wait for them to dry!! This product has them done within 5 minutes! Everyone should purchase this if you love painting your own Nails and hate waitin on the drying time!! It honestly helps so much!! I am running super low so repurchasing ASAP!!!
I usually try to do my nails before bed and use this product so it has longer to throughly dry and by morning you have no worries or hesitation about doing your normal routine or about smudging your fresh manicure!
Alot of people ask me what products I use on my nails and how I grow them long and healthy.

Honestly, along with eating right and what not, I don't use my nails like tools. I take care of them and the skin around them. I have them painted all the time so they stay strong. I buff them so they have natural shine and no ridges so a smooth application is done when I apply nail polish. I use good products and love having them long so do what I can to grow them that way. I take good care of them!
I file them every week so there even and squared off the way I like and also make sure I file/ cut them down if they break or chip.

Also I find nothing worse than people with chipped nail polish, not painted nails, or short stubby nails, and if you bite.. don't even come near me with them please!! Haha!!

As for products...
OPI. I love OPI!!
I use it from base coat, to full colours, glitter, shatter and top coat! Love, love, love!! The price tag can be a tad on the expensive side but I think it's worth it and recommend it 100%. It lasts a long time on your nails without chipping, the colour payoffs are good and the collections they bring out are super cute!! The only thing I dislike is that it takes ages to dry so that's why the drip dry is my best friend when it comes to painting my nails.
First off I always, always use a base coat! This protects your nails from staining and I recommend getting a good one and always using it!
My use and suggestion- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Also a top coat or shine coat is needed to stop nails from chipping  once you've applied your clour or designs and keeping them hard and shiny.
My use and suggestion: OPI Top Coat
Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat
Keeping the skin and cuticles around your nails soft and in good condtion is also a huge factor for making your nails look good.
I use Jojoba oil.
When my nail polish is all dry, I apply this oil to the cuticles and rub in. This is great as a moisturiser also so I just rub the excess into my hands.
Its such a good oil, I would defintly recommend it as I'm sure it works with helping my nails growth, keeping them strong and keeping them healthy.
So theres my current nail obsession and care.
Got any cute ideas for me?


Tag: 10 Products I Would Repurchase

Okie, so I saw this tag on Youtube from my favourite, Shaaanxo and thought it would be a fun tag to do so others know the jist of a product and basically weather or not you think its worth getting and repurchasing!


Heres mine.. give or take 10 items that is! ;)

OPI's Mod About You nail polish

Not only does it have a cute and quirky name but its a great light pinky shade, has become a quick favourite of mine. I love my pinks and this is my favourite pink outta them all! I find myself going back to this colour to paint my nails so often and if I ran out, I would quickly repurchase it to add it to my collection again.

MAC's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Okie, so the truth is I have repurchased this foundation about 50 times already! Since I started using this a few years ago I have repurchased it as soon as I have run out or when I know I will be running out.
Its flawless, it stays on well through the day, the colour match is perfect and I will always re-purchase this foundation!
Go try it today!! I got a few of my friends hooked and they love it too!

Revlon Colourstay Whipped Foundation


Another foundation! Yup, yup, MAC's foundation is my holy grail, in love with foundation but this whipped foundation by Revlon has really impressed me and even with its stink smell, I would repurchase this again! I said abit about it in my last blog so I won't go on to much but I would add this to my TO-GET list if I ran out!

MAC's Studio Fix Powder

Best powder I've used, only powder I like! Re-purchased every time I've hit pan and another product I will always repurchase! My face needs a powder and I love this one!

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream

I've only used this about a month now and I'm in love. I love using it as a primer and the coverage it gives before you even apply foundation is amazing!! Its a whitening and brighting cream so any scars, sun spots and discolouration you may have on your face it lightens up over time.
So Impressed! So gonna repurchase!

MAC's Saint Germain & MAC's Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick
Okie so cheating abit here and adding two items onto one, but since their in the same product catorgary I thought it would pass.. again..

Unfortuntaly MAC's Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lippy is a limited edition one (they bring out new ones every year to supprot the aids fund). This colour is an amazing hot, neon pink and I wear it all the time! Its amazing and if you can pull off brights- go for it!! If I could always repurchase this I would. Beautiful shade!
Saint Germain, I canno't get enough of this colour! Perfect baby, light but bright, barbie pink colour! Not much words for this one- just pure love!!

Benefits Eyebrow Kit

I don't know how I did my brows properly before this!! Makes a huge difference having a brow kit and for someone like me who loves her brows staying maintained. This is amazing!

Maybeliene The Falsies 'Flared' Mascara

This is another product I have repurchased a few times. It makes your lashes look fuller, longer and well seprated. A great mascara and one I tend to go back to time and time again.

Benefits Erase Paste Concealer

This amazing little pink tub holds so much amazingness for your under eye area! A repurchase will happen when I run out, weather its $60+ or not!
A tiny tub of magic love.


Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Now if all the eyeshadows in this ran out or broke or it got taken away from me for some reason I would repurchase in a heartbeat. Its eaisly packed up to take traveling and has all the nutural colours a girl needs. Perfect if your starting off in make-up and want to add 12 shadows to your collection right away! Great colour pay off and the shadows stay on all day.

YSL's Elle Perfume

Not only does this perfume have an amazing name but it is the most amazing smelling perfume I've even owned!! I will be repurchasing this again as I am running on empty *:( SADFACE* Its hella expencive so when I have it I cherish it. LOVE!!!
Go smell it next time your out. THE SHIZZZ!!!

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag, let me know if you do! Its great for passing on knowledge of a product and if its worth the money spent on buying them.
Theres many, many more I would repurchase but theres are just the few I thought were note worthy!!

I hope it helped you find or want to try new products.
Whats the 10 products you would repurchase???



Current Make-Up & LOVES!

I've been shopping and spending so much money online lately that its not even funny!! Once I recieve something, I'm waiting on the next thing to arrive! At the same time however its also benefitting me and is exciting and fun!! So honestly I'm not complaining!
Majority of it has been make-up and so I've been trying out alot of different make-up bits and bobs. I thought I would update on a few products I've been using and loving lately.
A few friends have asked me recently what make-up I've been using, so I thought I would update everyone that wants a wee noisy also..

*Oh and I apologise for the dirty tools and brushes and for the fuzzy photos! When you increase the sizing, it goes BLAH!!*

Lioele, Triple The Solution BB Cream

I was running low on primer (and have been watching Shaaanxo's videos on Youtube regiously) and thought I would try the BB cream she swears by as a primer and moisturiser.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It gives such a flawless base and is high coverage which I love, love, love!! It could be worn just as it is but as it only comes in one shade (light beige) and I have an olive skin tone its abit to light for me and I'm just applying my foundation over top.
I know why people swear by this. It's an amazing product if you want high coverage and a good primer/ acting moisturiser. I apply this too my entire face and just blend it in with my fingers. I would definitely repurchase when I run out. Also mini bonus- it smells like flowers!
Can't say enough! If your looking for a primer.. order this!

Where I got mine: http://www.hikosencara-nz.com/

I currently have 5 different foundations sitting in my make-up draws but the one I've been reaching for the most lately is my Revlon Colourstay Whipped Foundation.
I picked this up from Farmers. Very good foundation if your like me and love full coverage foundations. I have oily skin and find this to be good on my face, not making it any oilyer, cakey or to dark or heavy looking.
It's best blended into your face by your fingers but I don't really like using my fingers with foundations just because I'm abit weird like that!! I use a flat top kabuki brush and blend in using small circular strokes. A little goes a long way and it gives you 100% full coverage. I find it wears on my face really well during the day and I'm really loving using this as its not too heavy looking either. If you blend properly that is!
I would definitely recommend it. I give it about a 9/10.
The only 2 things I dislike about it is:
1- I dislike how it leaves my brush looking and feeling, which is, clumpy & dry (but after a clean its back to super softness)
2- It smells like crap! Hate the smell but love the product as a whole.

Because of the full coverage I get from the use of my BB cream and the whipped foundation I haven't been using a face concealer! Just for an under eye concealer and as a brighter however I use Benefits Erase Paste. Swear by this tiny miracle in an expencive pink tub!!

I use a small concealer brush to remove the product and to apply it on my face and then my beauty blender sponge to blend it into my skin.

MAC's lose powder, I dust this over my face when I have finished applying my foundation and concealer to set them and then over top of that I use MAC's studio finish powder- HOLY GRAIL ITEM!! Best powder I've ever used, I've tried a few others but I always come back to this one.
Some days I only use the compact powder but on nights out or odd days I'll use both the lose and the compact powders.

Narz Laguna bronzer is my go to all over bronzer. Its a great colour shade and I do not regret spending $50+ on it at all!
As a contouring bronzer I use Hoola by Benefit which I only apply into the hollows of my cheeks bones and blend out to make my cheeks appear more defined.

I ordered a blush set when I was making a purchase online recenly and have been using the blushes from this palette the most out of all the others blushes I have. Its good too practice and see what shades you suit and with a palette like this one, is awesome for what mood you want your cheeks to apper that day. E.g- flushed, baby doll like, clown red or otherwise.

Before I apply any shadows or eyeliner to my lids I always use an eyeshadow primer! Sedona Lace Eyeshadow Primer is mine of choice currently. Its just like a face primer but when it comes to your lids, makes the eyeshadows and liners stay all day without creasing or smudging and makes the colour pay off more vibrant. If you don't have one get one. It makes a HUGE difference. Once your used to using one everyday, you never go back! Or at least I never will!
I play with my eyeshadow colours everyday. I always apply 2-3 daily just because thats what I'm used to doing and its just apart of my getting ready routine! I go for natural base colours- creamy, beige, browns and on days when I want abit more colour add abit of purple or dark blue in. I always use a brighter, shimmer shade in the inner corners of my eyes and on the arch of my brows as a highlight. This catches the light and opens your eyes up more.
I recently ordered the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay and have hardly put it down since.
Where I got mine: http://www.beautybay.com/

Eyeliners & Brows
My liquid liner I've been reaching the most for lately is my MAC penultimate eyeliner. Good colour pay off and always a good choice for a perfect line.
Check out my how- to on the perfect winged liner HERE.
My usal MAC waterliner pencil was running a little short so when I was out shopping I picked up Revlons Black colourstay liner. Super black colour payoff which I love and glids on smoothly. Less espensive than MACs so could be a new favourite for me!
For them Brows of mine, I'm using the same products from my last blog post about my brows. NYX dark brown eyebrow pencil and Benefits eyebrow kit in medium. Currently swear by this routine and products for my brows. Gonna order a clear brow gel soon however just to keep them in place all day and looking like the true sisters they are.

I'm not gonna lie, I excessivly use three different mascaras daily on my lashes. Yes, yes, I know, blah blah!! Its great!! 400 coats of mascara and your lashs look the bomb!!
Firstly I apply Maybelline One by One - 2x coats. Top & Bottom.
Maybelline Falsies Flared- 2-3 coats. Top & Bottom.
and finally Maybelline Great Lash mascara. - As for this one I apply 1 coat and mainly just to the outter corners and bottom lashes of my eye as it has a funny looking smaller tip and is great for harder reached, smaller hairs.
This Saturday I'm gonna have no need for all 3 for a little while as I'm getting lash extensions again. Very exciting, took a notion to get them again and so I booked an appoitment!

I change up my lipsticks everyday so I don't really have a current I'm reaching for daily. But daily I do wear pink! Bring pink, light baby pink, dark pink, all sorts of pink will usally be found on my lips!
LIPBALM!!! Revlons LipButter in Gumdrop! Its a lilic purple and comes out actually purple but I LOVE IT!!! Loving the lipbutter range from Revlon ATM. I'm getting a little collection of them now, they feel like they really are doing a good job in moisturising and great colours to pick from!
Lipgloss I have not been wearing at all lately but I do have my eye on a match for the lilic purple lipbutter I have! WHAT?? Its cute!! Dare to be different!!
Make- Up Tools

To blend in my concealer I use the beauty blender sponge. Love this little purple squishy sponge of joy. Also great for foundations and even powders!! $15 well spent!
MAC's eyelash curler. Had this for years. Still an amazing little contraption! I use this after I've finished applying my eyeliner and before and after I've applied my mascaras.
Make- Up brushes I think are an essential part of applying your make- up so that you look smooth and blended. I'd collected the odd MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes over a few years and got myself the full brush set from the Australian Gloss store which I love for afordableness!
However for years I've wanted top of the range make-up brushes. So I've had my eye on a few different sets online.
When I recieved my Australian tax refund and had that bitta extra money sitting in my bank I knew were I wanted to spend it and what I wanted!
Sedona Lace Make-up brushes!!!
I went abit crazy, spoilt myself and brought not one set, not two sets but three different Sedone Lace brush sets!! Do I regret the $$ I spend on them! Hell- to- the -no!! They are amazing. So happy when I recieved them and still so happy every day that I use them. Best decision ever made on my money online spending habits and my make- up spending abilities!!

Where I ordered mine from (aswell as my blush set and eyeshadow primer): http://www.sedonalace.com/
There we have it!! My current loves and make-up uses. Hope this helped a few of you to encourage to try new things that might just become your holy grails, loves and routines!
Untill next time prettys..

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