Oops, I Did It Again..

I changed my hair... agagin, yes, yes again for the what.. 117th time??

I got abit bored of my black hair with coming into spring/ summer I wanted to feel lighter and brighter, sooo I got a bleach wash and stripped all the black out!! YAY!

I then asked to go to a medium- light brown with honey blonde foils through the underneath of my hair.. It's been 5days and I lovvit!! Puts me in the mood for summer sun even more!!


Novemeber, December & January are busy busy months for me, and poor months too!!
Novemeber I have a few friends birthday's, December is my boyfriends birthday and January I'm coming to Aussie!! Wooo, Not moving yet (which is in the plans for next year, *March- time, stay tuned for that*)
Just 1 week away with my family, in the sun to visit my big brother and his family. Canny wait!!

-I have my work-staff night out, sounds like its gonna be all sorts of crazy fun!

-Boyfriends Birthday- 21st!! Wooo, I won't be considered a cougar anymore! Haha.. I'm on cake duty and yesturday I just brought all the cupcake holders!! I LOVE baking and I'm kinda a perfectionest so looking forward to making his cupcake tower the coolest looking thing ever!! Also I'm just getting last bits and bobs of his pressies and sorting out the details like the food colouring for the cakes and wrapping paper.
I'm just about as excited as him!!

-My favourite cousins wedding!! Pretty dress, roadtrip away up north, excites, excites!!

A little hazy on the details of this month but I've booked a week off for a hoilday away with the family, very excited!! I am moving to Aussie next year to live, just sorting out details like when and were!! But whats important is that I'll be reunited and in the same country as my best friend again!!


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