Change.. Again? Really? Okay!

Would you believe it if I told you I wanna change my hair.. again?
After only blogging about changing it HERE, HERE and my big post on all my changes HERE you would think I'd slow down a little right?
It's as if I have OCD with it and just need change in my life!! It's good, I mean I have always been happy with the way I change my hair but I just do it a little too often? At least I can say I've had nearly every colour and style and have tried it all once!
The change I want now however is nothing too major.. I love my colour, style, extensions.. Its just that darn fringe that annoys my life.

Side Fringe

No matter what colour, style, length it was and/or is, I always go back to pulling it to the side and most days now I wear it too the side as its just easy and usally (if it sits right that day) suits me.

I've also tried other partings like these but always change back to the side for conveience..

Middle parted..


The last few days I've been wearing it middle parted, though I have a mini love/ hate realationship going on with my 5 head!
I'm currently thinking of getting a full fringe cut. I'm just not too sure.. I only had the fringe once and I cut it myself (mental note, do not do it yourself!) but can't honeslty don't remember how long I kept it for before I moved onto a different style with it.
I keep thinking about a fringe then forgetting it and thinking about it again. Even though a few days ago I told myself I'd grow my fringe out long and start middle parting it. I think it's fine when I style it myself and it's okay during the day (most of the time) but in pictures and while looking in mirrors during the day its such a let down!!
What do you girl's think?

Seeing people with fringes in pictures make me want one!

(This babe suits every hair style)

Even if it turns out that I don't like it, I could sweep it too the side and grow it out too a side fringe!

Decisions, decisions.. Me and My hair! When will it end?

What A Weekend!

What a busy little weekend I had! 3 birthday party's in 3 days! It was alot of fun celebrating with friends, having a good time, catching up with old school mates and making new friends.
Got too love those weekends!
Here's a few piccy's I thought I'd share with you's..

Chloe picked this crumbed prawn up and didn't realise what it was! After biteing into it she screamed:
''Omg, It had a frikkin tail!!''
Not wise these two!!

Did my lovely ladies have a good weekend?? Did anything exciting happen?

Best Blog Award

Today I logged onto my blog too see I had be awarded 'Best Blog Award' from Hannah Michelle and Chloe.
They are both lovely and have amazing Blogs, if you haven't already go check them both out!
Thank You both for awarding me.
The Rules...
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
(I've done this a few times already HERE and HERE so go check them out)
3. Award 15 blogs
4. Answer the following questions

Name your favourite colour - Pink, Of corse!
Name your favourite song - A Drop in the ocean- Ron Pope
Name your favourite desert - Oooo, Pavlova, Nom, Nom!!
What is pissing you off? - Nothing at the moment :)
When your upset, you? - Go quite, say what I feel, go quite again..
Your favourite pet - My cat Milly

Black or White? - Black! It goes with everything
Your biggest fear? - Fire, I've had a bad expeirence with it so definitely fire
My best feature is - My big lips or my big bootie which I've actually won an award for, HAHA

Everyday attitude - Be happy, Live for me.
What is perfection - Perfection is doing what you want in life, persuising your dreams and living the way you want to live. Not letting anyone tell you otherwise.
Guilty pleasure - A yummy cupcake and pamper days.

I'm going to award only a few this blog because these are the girls blog I love reading and make sure I check daily for new posts. I love them and I'm sure you will too, so go for a nosey..

Congratulations Baby Cakes!!

Introductions & Chloe's Birthday

First of all I want too start this post by introducing you too my stunning friend Liana.

Shes a wee babe, we get on so well and have become very close in the small space of 3months of working together. I am greatful to have her in my life. It's kind of funny because  we are starting too sync with eachother, you know what they say though.. great minds think alike!
Were even the same height! Lovvit!

Yesturday was that hottie I'm ALWAYS talking about on here, Chloe's 19th Birthday!

Afer I got home from work yesturday I painted Chloe's nails, curled her hair and did her make-up to pamper her up for her special day of birth.
I also made her the prettiest pink cake which BTW tasted AMAZING. Nom, Nom!!

We were all painted up with OPI's amazing shutter nail polish which I am currently in love with. (Liana- Purple, Chloe- Peppermint, Me- Gold). Looks great with all these colours!

I did Liana's make-up and hair also that night, so all 3 of us ended up with gold- smokey, shimmery make-up, long curled hair and black dresses!
Looking alike is all part of the fun dressing up for birthdays I think!
Triplets.. Minus the fact that Chloe stole our share of the height. LOL

It was alot of fun getting ready and having a blast with my two beautiful friends for Chloe's celebrations.
I love them both very much! My wee babes 19 now YAY!

P.S. What do you think of our mustaches??

Yep, fully grew them ourselves.. LOL
Great night with great people.
Happy Birthday Chloe Boo

Got Ink?

I thought I'd do a wee post on me and my tattoos today as I love seeing other peoples ink, piercings etc. I find them so interesting and personally love them if they are not offencive or gang-related! I think they should be personal too you, have meaning and be a reflection of yourself and the way you live your life.
I am currently thinking about getting a new tattoo on my wrist but have had mixed thoughts about it. I have been looking at a certain design for the past year and I am IN LOVE with it!! Plus I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist, so really a tattoo I love + a place I really want to get it = Perfect! I'm just abit worried about getting it on my wrist because if one day I find a job I want that doesn't accept visible ink, I'm pretty much screwed! I have a few friends with wrist tattoos and I know they can be eaisly covered up so that make's my decision lean more onto the yes side.
These are my current tattoos:

My first tattoo's which I got on my hip.

These's symbols are Chinese. One means LOVE and the second is a semi-designed one which is half of STRENGTH in a chinese symbol and half of a love heart attached at the end for meaning strength- in- love. Me and my best friend got this done before I moved country. We are both still close now and I do love this tatt.. When I was 18 I got it extended with the swirls and stars. This tattoo is actually really low down so even when I'm wearing a bikini you can only see some of the top swirl.

The second tattoo I got is on my rib cage..

'Every song has an end, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music'.
I live by this quote and any quotes that explain your life. I got this quote from my favourite TV programe, funny enough! This was said while watching One Tree Hill and I loved it! It basically means that even though every life comes too an end it doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it and live it too the full anyway! I live and agree with this 100%. This tattoo was the sorest one I've had so far and very akward to get done. I absolutely love it though!

The third tattoo I got is on my foot..

'One Step At A Time'.
Again, another quote I love. Yes I do realise I got it on my foot and this means its very Ironic with what the tattoo says. HAHA (alot of people like to point this out). I love this tattoo. It has been very well done and I think looks very cute poking out of the top and sides of my heels. Even though sometimes I try to take 3steps at a time and end up tripping over myself daily, I again just remind myself to take one step at a time in life. There's no need to rush though life. Things happen when they are supposed too happen. Let it be. Over come certain obstacles by taking One step at a time. This is supposed to be one of the sorest places too get a tattoo as your foot is so boney, but honestly I found the major cramp that was happening in my leg was far worse!

My forth tattoo on my wrist..

I have had a certain design thought up in my head for over a year now I just need to let loose and get it done! I think after saving for my new IPhone 4, I may take the blunge and do it!

Here's some tattoo's I found online which are also super cute!

So Babes... Got Ink??

New OPI & Nail's Of The Day

Hey Babes!!

A department store here called Farmers had a 'Buy 2 get 1 Free' offer on all OPI products today and I just couldn't resist!!

OPI's: Purple With A Purpose, Bling Dynasty, Natural Nail Base Coat

I've been looking at this purple colour for a long time now and finally got it! YAY! A nice vibrant gold shade (even though it's showing up alot more mustardy on camera) and a base coat as I was running out of mine.
I LOVE OPI and could have gone abit crazy if I didn't have to pay my car off this week. (Somthing broke and has set me back over $500!! Not Impressed!)

The last 4days I haven't painted my nails and honestly every time I looked at them I thought YUCK!! I ALWAYS have polish or gel or something on my nails, ALWAYS!! It was so weird I just didn't have the time or patience to sit and do them the last few days. I felt extremely naked!! So after buying these I thought I'd finally re-paint and this is what I did..

First I painted with my new Bling Dynasty Shade.

Then I added the OPI's Shutter

A small trick too applying shutter nail polish if you want more of a Leapord print or Zebra effect is too paint the Shutter on side- to -side instead of the normal up-&-down. It gives it a different look than what every one else is doing. Also love it over top of this Bling Dynasty shade as it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it which makes the gold stand out more!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free= LOVE!

Get In My Life...

Babes.. I am seirously starting to think I may need a white Iphone 4 in my life.

Especially since my Blackberry has decided the last 6months that it wants to freeze and annoy the life out of me!! I have a BB curve and have just been told majority of the curves were made and had an accidental fault in them!
I've had mine around 2years now and it's not completely screwed but the amount of money I'd try spend fixing it I may as well put towards a lovely new Iphone. I feel like such a trader though switching to the enemy.. LOL, But if it works better, Why not?
Since the white one has just come out and is looking rather dashing it has made me want it even more! Especially when I found this picture of one with a pink cover..

Ohhhh!!! If it's pink, It'll be exactly what mine will look like.. Saving has begun!

Sexy Iphone 4.. GET IN MY LIFE!

Dinner, Shopping, Babes and Bestie's

One of my best friends that moved too Australia at the beginning of the year came home for a couple days before she sets off on a 10day cruise (I know, lucky for some!).

I caught up with her on Wednesday night for a nice meal, lots of gossip and a few silly photos in the bathroom.
We have planned a night together when she gets back from her cruise as she has a week before she heads back to Aussie. We plan to hang out and have a few drinks, or in her terms get ''shit faced''. Then we were thinking about lunch then having a lazy, pamper day! Sounds A-maze too me and I cannot wait to chill out with her. Be sad when she heads back and leaves me all over again though!! *Tear*

Here's a few silly photos from Wednesday night for some entertainment..

Haha, What a Babe, Love Her!!
Gotta love the comfort of best friends where you can afford the time to be silly with them.

Also I did abit of shopping today with a girl I work with called Liana. It was our day off so we had a scrummy lunch then went and got a few bits and pieces..

Bank Balance is a tad sore at the moment!!

I purchased this Napoleon ''Blush Patrol'', I've had my eye on it for a little while. I never jumped at the chance of getting it though as it is super, super shimmery!

I hate shimmer on my face unless it's on my eyes, but this caught my attention and thought it gave a nice flush of colour and highlight. Bonus getting it today also as it was 10% off and came with a free brush. This is the second thing I've brought from the Napoleon brand and so far I'm really liking it. This may be used more so for going out than everyday but liking having abit of shimmer for a change.

I got these super cute pair of leather gloves from work! Great for driving when my hands are freezing as they grip the steering wheel. (Safety first babes!)

This perfume 'CKin2U' was on sale so I picked it up as I've had it before and it was one of my favourites! Have You's smelt it?? It is YUMMY!!! I love perfume!! I swap and change mine everyday, my perfume wish list is never ending!
This tube beside the perfume is a shaving cream, pretty boring I know but the packaging was cute and it smelt nice! (Tea Tree, good for opening up the pores).  
Also In the big picture I brought some new shaving heads but they are abit boring too put in a photo by themselves but you guys properly get the gist of why I got them right!? No? I ran out.. so I got new ones.. LOL
And yes underwear!! I am so addicted to purchasing underwear, I buy them all the time, these 3 I got on sale for only $10!! What a bargain!! 2days ago I also purchased 5 other pairs for only $21! You can never have too many pairs of underwear I say!

Winter has been freezing!!!!!
So along with a spooning buddie I recommend a Oneys! This is Liana and I today trying some on. How cute are these? Also so warm! I'm yet to find a fabulously, adorable, pink one!!

Busy weekend ahead! Family coming over from Aussie, friends coming home from uni, maybe going to check out hotties playing rugby tomorrow then followed by a wee night out with Liana, work on Sunday.. Busy but fun times!! Also so excited to know that Chloe will be home on Monday!! I get my twin back!!
What's your guys plans for the approaching weekend??
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