Partying And Moonbathing

Went out at the weekend with Chloe for some partyingggg!
Here are a few snaps.

We also went to the beach on the way home after clubbing for abit of moon-bathing.
So much fun!

Seeing double, or are you just a little tipsy?

This one is such a cool photo, but looks abit like something you would see out of a episode of supernatural!!

I didn't get to take a picture of my make-up look, but I went for a dark eye with big thick eyelashes and bright pink lips. My usual and favourite look on a night out.

Happy 1st of May you guy's.. 11days and I'll be 21! WooHoo!
Did you guys have a good weekend?

No More Frizzness Please!

'Dear hair, I am sorry that I burn you, cut you, and tie you up. But I will always, always love you'
In preparation for my birthday coming up in 14days! I've booked a hair appointment for next Friday morning on my day off. I've booked it in a place called 'Funk It Up', where I've never been to or heard of before untill a few girls in work talked about and recommended it to me. I truely hate getting my hair cut and I'm honestly scared about going to a new salon. Does anyone else feel like this?

This past week I've noticed more and more how annoying my hair is! It's super thick and frizzy and is truely annoying my happiness. So enough is enough, I can't wait to get it done. I was going to wait for the week after but its too frizzy to control! I'll straighten it and an hour later it'll be frizzed out again. SO NOT IDEAL!

This is my hair naturally:

Very super curly!
After spending half an hour on styling my hair it annoyingly frizzes out and when a drop of rain hits, well, thats my day ruined!

I went out for dinner on Saturday night with my family.
Here' a wee picture of me and Chloe. My frizzy bap sits out over my extensions and now needs to be pinned back so it doesn't look so big!

I also took a picture of my hair when I came home from dinner and took my extensions out. (Excuse the face!)

I dyed my hair dark a few weeks ago but the colour has washed out alot and has left me unhappy with my red main and light and dark roots! Next week I'll go for a dark brown shade that will cancel out the red tone, a trim and THINNED OUT! I'm not going to thin it out completely, just enough so I can control and style it quicker. Also I need to think what I want to do with my fringe! I hate wearing it off my face due to my 5head but think I look too Emo with a side fringe. Ohh delima! I am constantly unhappy with my hair! Not fun!

Stay tuned and I'll show you what it's like next week.

What's your favourite Scary Movie?

Chloe my brother and I on friday night originally planned to go to this place about an hour drive away called 'CornEvil'. It's a corn maze you run through at night and scary people from moves jump out at you. Chloe and I freaked outselves out all week looking forward to it, but Friday turned out to be a wet, crappy day so instead we oppted for the cinema to watch Scream 4.

I've only ever watched Scream 1 before and the Scary Movies with piss takes from Scream, so I get the gist of everything that has happened in between that I've missed.
This movie was filled with so many different, new and younger characters which made it more engaging.

I would recommend this movie, It was really good. Obviously along with its scary bits it also had abit of corny, comedy which made it funny but the movie still insured me that everyone in scary movies.. are PURE DUMB!
I used to watch alot of scary movies when I was younger but now to be honest I'm abit of a chicken who just enjoys the odd movie.

So guy's: 'Whats your favourite scary movie?'

Vampire Diaries Get Back In My Life Please

Not only does Thursday TV suck now without The Vamp D's playing but it's also been wayyyyy too long since the 'season final' and I would really appreciate if they started playing it again.. Do you guys watch it?
I'm really starting to miss Vampires! HAHA, how funny does that sound?

Are you a Stephen or Damon Fan?

Honesly I love Damon and Elena together.. (so cute) even if he is abit evil in the programe. They should be together and Stephen should be with Katherine, even thought she's a tad evil herself.. Two rights could correct the two wrongs maybe?
I don't know.. just TV bring back my favourite programe.
Please and Thank You!! :)

Also Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in general is one truely ruggedly, handsome, sexy man and it's know wonder I miss Vampires!

My Teeth Whiteing Mission

I've always been interested in whitening my teeth. One day I would love them to be super, super, reflect the sun, white teeth!! (Yes, very white).
Before I left N.Ireland, I saved up to get them professionally done but instead decided to save the money to let me have more money to start off with once here. I've always looked after my teeth and lately I've become even more intrested and very obsessed with my teeth, giving them extra attention with making sure I brush over 2mintues and floss regularly.
I was watching one of my favourite YouTube Gurus JLovesMac1 (Who's teeth are bleach white pearls!) do a video were she said she use's these to whiten her teeth. So Instead of saving loads for professionally getting them done right now, I decided too purchase these strips online. Last thursday night I ordered the Crest Advanced Vivid Teeth Whitestrips and received them this Monday morning. (Very pleased on the delivery time).

I will be trying these out for the next 14days (time process for full results) so keep posted for the full results and review of this product and unflattering teeth close-ups!! (Eeek!)

I also purchased whiteing tooth paste and whiteing mouth wash to keep away any staining and to lengthen the time of my whiteing.

Of the many review's I've read about this process I've read many about the sensitivty nearly everyone has expeirenced from these. ATM I am currently sat with the strips in and within 5minutes I have recieved extreme shooting pains of sensitivity. (Painful ATM but hopefully will reduce with continuing the process.)

Has anyone tried these? How was your experiences with them?

I'm looking forward to the full results!

Girl Crushin On Riri


Okay so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one crushing on Rihanna but seirously, I LOVE HER!
She is A-MAZING and has figure to-die-for! Shes been a major influence on me with my hair throughout the years, I love her and her music and strongly thought she deserved a post on my blog.


Make-Up Wishlist

Like many people I am totally obsessed with make-up and have an ever growing wishlist.
I'd love my make-up draw to look somthing like this one day..


This is my current make-up wishlist..

Sigma - Make Me Blush Brush Set
Nars- Laguna Bronzer
Nars- Orgasum Blush
Urban Decay- Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Nude
Benefit- Hoola Bronzer
Urban Decay- De Stick Oil Control Make-Up Spray
Urban Decay- Naked Palette
Mac- Gaga Lipstick

I also really want a face primer.. can anyone suggest anything good?
Even though it's not a primer, I like the look and sound of Urban Decay De Stick as my face can get quite oily by the end of the day and this promises to control oil and sets your make-up so it lasts longer. (Exactly what I'm looking for!) Has anone tried it before?

Birthday Plans

My 21st birthday is in 3weeks and 5days! Did not realise how close it was!! I think I've come to the decision not to have a party or anything here but instead travel to Auckland with Chloe (and maybe a few other friends if they can) and go clubbing and shopping! I'm gonna save as much as I can for it because when I get there..
''Hello Mac, Oh how I've missed you!''
Looking forward to a girly night out and two day's of shopping!

Gonna get all dolled up and pretty, have a few cocktails and just have a great time with close friends. Perfect really!

I came across this dress last night while looking through the Topshop website with Chloe and feel head over heels in LOVE with it, it would really make the perfect little 21st birthday party dress..

Pearl Petel Dress by Rare Opulence
Isn't she a beaut?! I would like it very much!! Unfortunalty it's $195 which converts too about $390!! If I was having a big 21st party maybe I'd fork out for it, but too much to spend for clubbing I think! It's so amazing I thought I'd show you's anyway.. Hopefully one comes out simular somewere a tad cheaper.. LOL So cute!!

I was thinking about treating myself for my birthday and getting my hair all done- Deep conditioning treatment, trim and thinned out a little, buy new dark brown extensions and dye my hair to match.

I am subscribed to Imogen on YouTube who owns Foxy Locks Extensions and have read many reviews on the extensions she sells and they sound like truely amazing quality! They are £75 so a little over $150 with P&P.. Little pricey but they sound amazing and ligit! (In my option, it would be the worse thing to order some online from any website and they turn out crap quality when you could of spent a little extra for better ones that lasts longer.)
Not sure if I was to order them now that they would get here in time for my birthday weekend so it may be a late b'day present for myself, from me too me! So I'll just use my current one's for now which really need to be replaced anyway. I want to purchase them dark brown, then get my hair dyed to match so I can keep the extensions in good condition as long as I can.. I'm really bad because I get bored so eaisly with my hair that I dye my hair, then the extensions to match and cut and layer them to blend but regret it later on. I'm thinking of going and staying dark for awhile, so want to get it done professionally for a perfect colour match! I got to get the hair in good condition and growing loads so I won't need to fuss about extensions anymore!
One day in about 3year's time I'll say that'll happen.. No likey, way to far away!

Chloe's OE Blog

If you guys have read my previous post's you will already know my beautiful new friend (and brothers girlfriend) CHLOEEE!!
She just recently started blogging about her life and OE travels. Everyone should check her out and follow her about while she's traveling in New Zealand.

I love her and you will too!

I'm On A Mission.. Too Get Super Soft Skin

Okay girls.. I'm on a mission, too get back my super soft skin!
A few years ago in tech and work and anytime someone brushed up against me they commented on how soft my skin was. One of my good friends was obsessed! She always touched it and told others too do so aswell as if she was amazed how soft it was. I can't remember ever having a routine other then only moisturising when I got out of the shower.

The past year or 2 I've used Palmers Cocoa Butter religiously. I love the stuff, the scent and the way it make's my skin feel. My skin ATM is soft, I just want that super soft commentable skin back!
I know that you should change up your shampoo and hair products every so often so your hair doesn't get used to a certain thing and it stops doing what it's intended for.. so I figured it could be the same with your skin?

I recently ran out of my CB and decided I would purchase a new moisturiser. While out I also picked up an exfoilating scrub.

Planet Earth Pear Berry and Vanilla Moisturiser:
This moisturiser is so thick and creamy with added collagen and make's my skin so soft! Even hours after I apply it. I was in a hurry this moring and rubbed it into my skin and got changed, so didn't notice it too much. Later on when I got changed into comfy clothes I actually stopped and noticed how soft my skin was without feeling it on purpose! So far I'm impressed! The scent isn't as sweet as what I thought it would be but it's still a nice scent. Huge bottle with lots of product which I like.

SugarBaby Exfoilator Sea Salt Scrub:
This has a very tropical sent too it that lingers nicely on the skin after the shower. I wash with a body wash and loofah then I use this and finally use exfoilating gloves- but I do not scrub so much that I'm red raw! First time I used this, I was also impressed with how soft my skin was, before I even applied any moisturiser. So far so good.

I'm loving these two product combos ATM! I've only started my mission but hopefully it'll be SUPER SOFT again soon.
Do you girl's have any tips and tricks for soft skin or routines?

5years time???

Two aims in Llfe..
First.. too get what you want and after that 'Enjoy it'

How Much Does Your Face Cost?

I've seen this post on a few blog's and it was so intresting to read how much a persons 'Face Costs' or at least how much their war paint costs to coat their face.
I did my favourite everyday make-up look in order of how I apply it in my daily routine.

Mac Studio Fix Foundation- $60
Mac Studio Finish Concealer- $30
Chanel Tan Da Soli Bronzer (Cream bronzer)- $85
Mac Studio Fix Foundation Powder- $60
*Mac Blush- $43
*Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer- $25
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil- $13.50
*Mac Eye Shadow (on a daily basis I use 3 different colours,)- $35each- $105
Mac Powerpoint Pencil Eyeliner- $30
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner- $25
Maybelline Falsies Mascara- $26.99
Revlon Lipstick- $25
Victoria Secret's Lipgloss- $6

How much does my face cost? *$534.49

* mean's I'm unsure exactly on the price and have guestimated the price of these products. The Mac website provides only GBP£ or USD$ not NZD$ so I'm doing prices off memory. Reason I'm unsure of these exact prices is because some of them have lasted so long in my collection I haven't needed to repurchase in NZ yet. Some products being my Mac eyeshadow's and my Mac Blush which I have used nearly everyday since I picked them up about 2years ago and still have loads of product left. Also my Chanel bronzer has lasted a long time and I have loads of product left. Unlike my foundation and concealer which I need to replace between every 2-3months when I run out.
List excludes the prices of any tools I use to apply these products- e.g- brushes, eyelash curlers etc.

Some people may think I wear too much make-up and to many people it may seem ridiculous how much one may pay just for their face make-up but I love each individual cosmetic item I own. Make-up is my passion and what I love and want to do professionaly so I feel okay spending my money on something I love and use daily.

How much does your face cost you?

Saturday Night Out...

Went out for a wee drink last night with Chloe and the girls from work. My first proper drink in 2years!! I had so much fun!
Thought I'd share with you a few photo's..

6foot and 5foot' 3, Fun night out.

Introducing Two New Things In My Life...

If you have read my previous post you would know I have been looking forward too and waiting for my older brothers gorgeous girlfriend to arrive from N.I to our doorstep!
Well no more waiting because Chloe has arrived!! I was so happy when I saw her, just gave her a hug (had to tippy toe, I'm 5'3 and she's 6foot!!) and we talked like we have always been friends. We were super excited even talking about little things we'll get upto and I'm so glad to have another girl around the house, since I've always grown up with 3 brothers!! She'll probably be jeg-lagged all this week but I'm really glad she's here and I can see us forming a great friendship.

Also with Chloe came my new (well new too me) Pauls Boutique Barbie handbag! I ordered this off ebay about a month ago and I got Chloe to bring it over for me to save me spending $85 on rip off delivery!! Its gorgeous and HUGE! I will really be able to fit the kitchen sink in there now. It has a few nicks and was dirtied by make-up on the inside, but nothing a wet cloth and washing the inside couldn't handle! All's good though I totally lovvitt! I know it's not everybody's cup of tea. I know alot of people think PB is tacky and TBH some of their peices are.. alot of people think this bag of mine is! But to me.. I'm in love, I love pink, I'm bright, girly, bubbly and fun, I think this bag sum's up my personality! LOVE!

I know it's not a typical everyday bag but I think I'll get alot of use out of it. I'll wear it everyday and pretty much with everything reguardless. It's coming into winter now, and I'll even wear it then. I love big bags and this can fit EVERYTHING inside it.


Girl Quit Your Gibba Gabba!

So last week I went and had coffee and lunch with a friend.

We were talking about life and the things we want to do or become. I've been thinking alot about this lately.. things that I want to do before I settle down or end up in a long term relationship again or incase something comes up that restricts me from doing the things I want.
I've been in relationships before and learnt that the person I was with, didn't want to do the same things in life as me, like travel and experience different things. This was sad because at the end of the day you need to come down to a decision: Do you stay with someone and not carry out the things you want because they don't? OR: Do you just stay content and happy in love with them? I know you can't help who you like or who you fall in love with and it sounds harsh coming to that decision but I know so many people who want to travel or do something but their partners don't, so they stay with them and a few years later they break up, and the person who wanted life expeireces when they were younger regrets their decision.
There is alot of stuff I want to do with the rest of my life, mainly travel, I want to visit so many places and live back in the UK again while I'm still young. I know people don't understand when I say I live in a hot country like NZ and want to move back to freezing UK! I just know its more me while I'm this age, get more opportunities with what I wanna be and do because its a developing country were as NZ is a little behind in certain things. ALL THOUGH... it's a great visiting place if you've never been here and also a great place to settle down when you get older.

One of my closest friends recently moved to Australia and has been there for a month, she loves it there and suggested I move there and we find a flat together. Shes the friend I mentioned in a previous post that wants to go to Las Vegas for her 21st. We've both been thinking maybe I should move there with her so we can live and save together. I'm super excited about the thought of this!! She is also up for getting an apartment and working in the UK and America! Woo found a traveling buddie!! Even though I would do it alone, a friend or somone whos wanting the same thing is always a bonus! Its gonna be hard and I need alot of savings behind me before I can afford any of this but its what I wanna do and I know I'm gonna do it. Mind over matter!

When me and my friend were at lunch we also talked about jobs and our dream job. My dream now is too work at a Mac counter! I've qualified for my certificated in Beauty Therapy but want too tackle more of the make-up side of beauty. When I was helping out at Fashion Week last year the Mac artists were doing the make-up and I thought to myself, 'Man, that's what I wanna be doing!'. So thinking of doing just a make-up corse or moving to bigger and better places that have a Mac to carry out my dream job. With that I wanna be an artist behind fashion shows at fashion week or photo shoots.


Life & Wants

Take Me Here:

Times Square New York City

Snuggle With This:

My Kitty Cat, Milly


Elle & Blair Fowler. (If you watch YouTube, you know who these girls are!) True inspiration. They started making YouTube videos and are now well know and living in LA doing what they love and are passionate about.

Wish for:

Long, healthy, shiny, firece hair.. Trust me if I had a Geani or if I was a millionaire, this would not be my first wish! I just didn't wanna say anything obvious so went for somthing else other than, money, health and happiness.

Strive to be:

A professional make-up artist for the celebrities and backstage at photo shoots and runways also want to own my own business.


A great, honest, true, friendship. Through good and bad times. Moving around alot I've learnt whos worth it and who is going to stick around for along time, regardless if we are apart or not!

Want's In Life:

More travel! I've moved around since I was 2, I want to keep going to different places and want to visit and do what I want in life before I settle down.

Quotes To Live By:

I love, love, love quotes! Ones that explain your life or certain experiences you go through or have had. I have two meaningful quotes I loved so much I got them tattooed on my body.
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