Monthly Favourite's for March

Thought I'd let you guys see what I've currently been loving this month...

From top left through to bottom right..

Batise Dry Shampoo- I don't use this everyday but every 3day's or so when my hair needs abit of lift and freshness. Tick's all the right boxes for a great dry shampoo.
Moroccanoil- I've been using this for about 2-3months now and I lovvit, it makes my hair so soft and shiny and it's one of my favourite hair products.
Mac 129 Brush- I've been using this brush lately to apply my Mac powder and it helps me use less product and applys product smoothly.
Garnier Nutritionist, Eye Roll on- When I started work I didn't get much sleep and I got dark circles under my eyes and this worked great for getting rid of the dark circles and puffyness. I use it before bed and and before I apply my make-up in the mornings.
Bobbi Brown Blush, Peony 16- Using this blush so often this month for a pinky flushed look.
OPI'S Short Story's- Been on my toe's all month. I love this shade!
St Moriz Tan- The seasons are changing and it's getting cooler, looking a little pasty so I've been applying my favourite fake tan again and I still Lovvitt from the first time I tried it.
YSL Elle Perfume- My all time favourite perfume! Not only is it my name but the smell is AMAZING! Its pretty pricey so I've been useing it sparingly as I'm running low, but its so damn good I've been spritzing it so often this month.
Cetaphil, Oily Skin Cleaner- Been useing this for awhile and it's really good with not drying out my skin and keeping it clean and clear of imperfections.
Nivea Hydro Care- With the cooler season change my lips have been very dry so this lipbalm is great for re-moisturising them.
Beauty Rush, Victoria's Secret, I Want Candy Lipgloss- All time favourite lipgloss ATM, looks great and also tastes great! (Though I wouldn't recommend eating it!)
Revlon 002 Pink Pout- I don't like wearing this lippy alone as its a matte finish but with the Beauty Rush Lipgloss, its my favourite shade and lip combo!

My lip combo of the month- I've been wearing this everyday and I love these two products together. I'm going to try 'Snob' by Mac when I next make it upto Auckland as it's a creamier finish and I've heard, the exact colour shade as the pink pout. The Revlon lippy has a Matte finish and is too drying for me wearing it alone. I've been really loving wearing it everyday.

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Hannah Michelle for giving me this award. Brillant girl and so pretty!

The rules for this award are:

1) Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.
2) Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3) Nominate 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
4) Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.
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7 random things about me:

1. I have moved and lived back and forth from New Zealand to the United Kingdom 5 times within 18years. I have lots of different friends in England, Northern Ireland, New Zeland and Australia that I've grown up with.

2. I have had my birthday twice on a plane while travelling, my 2nd and 5th! Couldn't light a candle on a plane, that sucked!

3. When I was younger I watched a video that was sent through an email of a scary face popping out when concentrating on the screen.. ever since I canno't watch anything that looks like it might do the same thing as I'm terrified!!!

4. I'm also terrified of the smell of smoke, the smoke alarm noise and anything that could catch on fire- I was in a house fire a few years ago and I'm scarred from it!

5. I've worked in retail for 5years, I'm thinking about doing a computer corse and changing my career path to being a personal assistant or receptionist at a health centre or dentist.

6. I have OCD with things being tidy and in the right place when it comes to my room and any work that I'm doing.

7. I used to have 14 piercings- I've taken most out and now only have 4 piecings now. Also I have 3tattoos and want another one or two small ones.
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These are a few recently found blogs of mine. I couldn't reach 15 as most of the blogs I follow are not new, but these blog's are great, check them out...

Colder month's are approaching..

Heya babes, how's everyone this week?
I brought a wee beige beanie yesturday for the approaching colder seasons..

 I'm actually really looking forward to Autum and Winter.. Is that weird? LOL I love the cuter, warmer season clothes, cute booties and winter jackets. Also time to save up and purchase a pair of Australian Ugg Boots..

Plusssss its my 21st birthday in May and I'm sooo excited!! Even though I have no idea what I'm doing for it yet! I had a few ideas of either getting a bunch of friends and setting up a mini Marquee in the back yard (problem is it will be abit chilly), Orrrr Auckland with a few girlfriend's for drinks and shopping. I spose I have lots of time too think about it!

I always said I would go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, sadly with moving and only getting a job now there is no way I could save enough money for May! (Plus I'm one of the oldest out of my friends so would have too wait for a few of them too turn 21 anyway!) One of my bestfriends has her 21st birthday next year and wants to go to Las Vegas for it, we've talked about planning a hoilday to go, so hopefully I will get there one day!!

Next week I'm super excited because my older brothers girlfriend is coming to NZ from N.Ireland!! I haven't meet her before but we have talked heaps in the last few months and she seems awsome and we get on really well! Plus shes bringing me over my Pauls Boutique bag that I ordered. Canny wait!!
I get my new pretty bag and a good friend. I'm in need of a girly nights filled with dvds, junk food, sweeties, shopping days and cocktail nights out!

A shade of choclate, nails and OOTD...

I've been working all week and finally enjoyed having Sunday and Monday off all too myself.
Yesturday (Sunday) I did nothing all day but relaxed with the feet up watching Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liers! Perfect! I treated myself did my tan and painted my toe nails a fresh coat of OPI's Shorts Story. I also dyed my hair a shade of Choclate...

If you read my previous posts you would know I dyed it only 2weeks ago (Ino I should wait at least 4weeks but I'm impaitaint and was hateing the red) but it didnt cover the red. So I dyed it with 'Garnier Nutrisse Number 5 Choclate Brown'. (Great at home boxed dye might I add, makes my hair very soft and shiney) I'm loving this shade, very nice dark brown colour and it didn't go black which I love. I hate when dark browns go black and your stuck looking pasty for awhile! You can still see the red in my hair when I'm in the sun or under lights but its alot darker and I lovvit... (well for now LOL). I want to get my hair thinned out and a little shaped but unsure as I have a fear of hairdressers cutting my locks when I'm trying to grow them out!

I get gel overlays painted on top of my natural nails to keep them from breaking and it has been 4weeks plus since my last appoitment!! I've been going mental waiting to get them refilled!!

Only thing I hate about the gel overlays, UGLY

I got them re-done toay and am soo happy they are all shiney and new again..

My outfit and make-up today were pretty casual...

Black crop blazer- Awear
♥ Plain White Top- Topshop
♥ Necklace- Topshop

♥ Blue Skinny Jeans- Cotton On

♥ Wedges- Dotti

♥ Mac Studio Fix Fluid- NC30
♥ Mac Studio Fix Powder- NC35
♥Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Cream Bronzer
♥ Bobbi Brown Blush- Peony 16

♥ Mac- All That Glitters
♥ Mac- Shroom
♥ Mac- Espresso
♥ Mac- Power Point Pencil Liner- Engraved
♥ Maybelline Liquid Line Stiletto- Blackest Black
♥ Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara- Ultra Black (Dislike this mascara, too messy!! I need to purchase a new one.. I'm thinking Maybelline Falsies??)

YSL Lipstick- Rouge Volupte
♥ Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss- I Want Candy (LOVE)

So thats been my day so far, nothing to exciting. Tonight I'm meeting up with a girl- friend for dinner. We haven't caught up in awhile so will be good too finally catch up, also yummy foods YAY!

Look no further.. Best liner EVER!

Mac's Power Point Eyeliner pencil in the colour shade 'Engraved' is the best pencil liner I've ever used! I've repurchased it about 5times since the first time I brought it and do not plan to change! Highly recommended if your on the hunt for a new liner.

Mac's Power Point Eyeliner In Engraved

♥ Mac's description: 
Waterproof. Longwearing. Metallic, shimmer and matte finishes. Smooth to apply. Won't transfer, smudge, or budge... Draws the line: powers your eyes. Makes its point. Lasts.

♥ My honest opinion:
It does what Mac says and it really does last and is longwearing! Its super smooth too apply and great because the skin on your lid doesn't drag during application. It goes on as smooth as a liquid liner and is very dark (which I LOVE and stays dark). LOVE, LOVE, LOVVITT!! I don't think I would ever be ready too use another pencil liner, as this has me wrapped around it's little black body! If your looking for a super dark, long lasting pencil liner then pick this up at Mac, it is A- MAZING!!! Also it's a good price for $36 NZD in my opinion as other eyeliner's I've priced are around $25 NZD- A few dollars more for a great quality product is worth it I think. Super happy and pleased with this product and I think you would be too!

Also thinking about purchasing this Mac liquid liner next time I go shopping in Auckland. I've never used it before but tested it on the back of my hand last time I was there and was so pleased with how dark the shade came out and how easy to apply it seemed. I'm iffy about pen- style liquid liner's though because the ones I've purchased and used in the past have dried out quite fast and it was very annoying! Has anyone tried this before??

Mac's Penultimate Liquid Pen Liner

500 kilometers got me...

So I traveled upto Auckland on Sunday with a friend.
It usually takes 3 hours to reach my Aunty's home in Auckland from were I live. We got there in good time but found ourselves traveling around for another hour lost on the motorway.. now I love Auckland, the city is more me. The motorways however.. NIGHTMARE! (I'm buying a sat nav for next time I'm going up there!!)
When we finally found my Aunty's house we emptyed my car of our bags then went for some food. We got a Wendy's, I've seen it advertised on TV and hadn't tried it so thought we would go for it for a change! I got to say it was so yummy & the drinks were HUGE!

 Me looking extremely tired and ill.. as you can tell, no make-up up keep today! MY BAD!

I've had the cold the last few days and feeling super crap.
I went back to my Auntys and slept for another few hours, got up around 9am and got ready to find the MAC store!
Unfortunately it's pay day on wednesday so I only had my savings to spend. I only purchaced 3 items..

 ♥ Powerpoint Pencil Liner - Engraved
 ♥Studio Fix Fluid - NC30
 ♥Studio Fix Powder - NC35
It also gave me a chance too make a mental checklist of all the other items I want to buy the next time I'm there!
Let the make-up saving begin!

On the drive home I had the new Adele CD playing and had track 3, 4 and 5 on repeat! SADO!! Lol
So 500 kilometers got me.. lost, an empty tank of gas, tiredness still with a bad cold and then mac.. one good thing!

So I attempted to dye my hair back to brown last week.

I used this chestnut, light brown colour. I know I should of gone darker to cover the red but thought I would try anyway as I hate when I dye my hair medium brown and it turns out black! Not ideal!

My roots went the perfect colour but the rest is still red! It's definitely gone darker but is not completely brown or the full colour I want. I'll leave it for a few weeks and dye it again soon, this time in a darker shade!


This week I need to book appointment's for my gel nails to be refilled and an eyebrow wax/shape. I've been growning my eyebrows so I can get them waxed and don't need to pluck them all the time! They are well and truely a mess and I feel so weird with them being currently so un-controlled!

Also, been working for a week now, it's not too bad, still getting the hang of things and getting to know the girls.
Hope I get better soon, gotta hate feeling ill and upset, not great mix's.


'You can go anywhere in the world.. in the end, it's the people that make the place'
♥ Babes & Besties ♥

Haul and OPI

I get gel overlays on my natural nails to keep them from breaking, there growing out and starting to look a little lifeless so I spruced them up a little by painting my tips with OPI's 'Do You Lilic It' Love this colour it's one of my favourites!

So if you've read my previous blog you would know I start my job tomorrow! YAY! Very excited but nervous too.. I was given a clothing allowence for getting into work which I was very happy about because it let me buy some new stock, clothing to get started while I'm there for the first few weeks..
This is what I got..

Black waterfall blouse/ jacket.
♥Jacket- $49.99

I loved these shorts so much that I got them in both colours- Navy and a nude/gold colour.
♥Shorts- $29.99

I also got two plain single tops in the same navy and nude/gold colours. Pairing them together with the shorts makes them look like jumpsuits plus you can never have too many basics!
♥Singlet tops- 2 for $20.00

Blue jumper, cute and warm for winter.
♥Jumper- $49.99

Cropped white shirt with lace detail back.
Also I love scarfs so got this one..
♥White shirt- $39.99
♥Scarf- $19.99

So that's me sorted for a little while with new stock to promote to everyone! Wish me luck!!


It's sunday today so I'm just gonna relax and have a lazy day, wash my hair and tidy up.
On friday my friend wanted to go see the movie 'I Am Number Four'. I said yes even though I didn't know what the movie was about.
GUY'S.. This movie was brilliant! I loved it and wish I could see it again tonight ! It's a mixture of everything.. funny, cheesy, romantic, make-believe, thriller, action.. I really enjoyed it and think it's one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

Also a bonus of watching this movie: The actor Alex Pettyfer is GORGEOUS!!

I went out for my friend's 21st celebrations last night and wore my new black Supre lace dress.

I don't drink so feeling rather good this morning. Spent the first half of the night at my friends making them cocktails, snacking on m&m's and crisp's and playing with her new kittens. So cute!

I start my first day of work on Tuesday so looking forward to it but I'm a tad nervous! Also thinking of dying my hair back light brown and keeping it that way for while. Maybe add some highlights eventually.
Oh, decisions, decisions!!

Me & my hair... What a story!

First off.. I want to apologize for the posey pictures and strong amount of pouting, LOL I have warned you..

Naturally I have very curly (tight ringleted), think, frizzy, medium brown hair. It annoyed me so much when I was in primary and high school because I was teased about how huge (fro huge) it was.
I couldn't do much with it so told my mum I was going to shave it off and wear wigs! My hair was long back then (down to my bum and beautifully curly now that i look back on pictures) mum obviously didnt want me to shave it off, so she made me an appointment to get it straightened every once in awhile and eventually found a hairdresser that did 3month permanent straightening, so we tried it out. I remember the first time I had it done, I was beyond happy! I kept getting the 3months permanent straightening for about a year, but later noticed how light my hair was going and realised it had stripped my natural colour and started thinning my hair from it
I was happy enough to stop getting this done by then because I purchased straighteners and taught myself how to do my own hair without bugging my mum to do it all the time... It may have taken me 3hours to do it myself but I was happy doing it for the end result..

Just before I left NZ when I was 16, I wanted a change so asked my hairdresser too cut my hair shoulder length and highlight it blonde, (she loved my long curly hair and rarely ever wanted to do anything I ever asked her too do, very annoying!) she finally said 'yes' to the cut but 'no way' to the highlights, as it would ruin my hair (not sure why as it wasnt in bad condition at all from what i can remember- this was awhile after getting it permanent straightened) instead she put red chunky streaks in... I look back now and think what were we both thinking!? Loved the cut at the time tho.

My Life Of Hair In Pictures:

When I moved to N.I I got extensions and dyed my hair brown, that stayed for a little while..

.. untill I found a hairdresser that highlighted my hair for me.. I kept going and getting full head mesh untill I achieved this full head of blonde.. I wore extensions most of the time.
I think its just the case when your a brunette, you need to go blonde so you can say you've tried it and to get it out of your system..

Eventually I got bored and wanted the white/bleached hair look so asked for an all over colour.. when my hairdresser said no.. I did it myself. *Back then i didn't know too much about keeping hair in tip top condition*. When I bleached it, it went a yellow/ white shade so I dyed it every week or two untill it was the colour i wanted.. Big nightmare! I'm sure you can well imagine how 'healthy' it must of been. I was this shade for about 1- 2 years with extensions down to my bottom, i did really like this look at the time..

After my 18th birthday I decided I wanted a change so dyed it back to brown. This was the year of Rihanna's famous short on one side hair look.. My hairdresser wanted to cut my hair this way but I said no for now and opted for a bob.. loved it for about a month then went back in for the Riri cut! This style was prob my favourite for awhile and I think I really did suit it but I just get too damn bored for my own good and later regretted cutting my hair so short.. again extensions came and went, I had days when I loved and hated this style and everytime I tried to grow it out I decided to get it cut again..

I kept it brown and tried growing it out for while, putting extensions in ment I didnt have to look at the 'growing out ugly stage'..

At 19 I took the extensions back out and had my natural colour for a little while.. Highlighted it blonde.. liked this color and said I'd keep it for awhile but a month or two later got it cut up and dyed dark.. loving the short craze all over again!

Here I had a red short extension stage and decided to let it grow out..
My natural hair length and colour in the first picture, wee brown bob.. then yes more extensions and dyed darker brown/ black. The last pictures were around my 20th.

First and second pictures are over 6months ago, no extensions and dark dye fading..
Last two pictures I was inspired by Riri again and went back to red, (not as bright as her).. mines a dark auburny purple, red.. this is my current colour now with extensions.. I've had it this colour for about 4months now..

This is my natural hair length with no extensions. It's getting long YAY! (long for me anyway LOL) It's actually still quite dark red but you can't see it too well from this webcam picture.

Guess what now guys... I'm bored with it again! I like the red but was thinking of dying it back to a light brown natural colour for awhile and eventually getting a few highlights.
It's like I have A.D.D with my hair. My hair has grown so much now but I want it about another few inchs (rib area) before ill be happy enough to not wear extensions. I use good products on my hair and besides straightening and dying take the best care I can with it.

I know it's a long post but I love these posts, seeing old pictures, hair mistakes and ideas..
 What's your hair story??

Ooo.. excitement!

So if you follow my blog you may know I haven't had any luck with a job since I moved back from the UK. I've handed out my CV countless times to many different stores with no luck what-so-ever! 10months later after moving back here I can finally say: 'I'M EMPLOYED!!!!!'

Yeee...*thumb's up*

I applied for an Assistant Manager position that came up in a fashion retail store about 3weeks ago in my town. Since then I've been on 2 interviews and got told last week they are filling it internally (extremely annoying but undertstandable as I'd want the opportunity to move up also if I was working there). They said however they really liked me and want me to be their part-time merchandiser in store! Not quite the position and hours I aimed for but I love merchandising and working in retail so I said yes and obviously, it's a job offer so I'm not going to say no! I've got my foot in the door and that's what counts! I'm now employed people! WooHoo! I start next week and am super excited! Finally!! I'm just not the kind of girl that's cut out for unemployment and living on minimal income. LOL.

Vanilla latte and french chocolate crepe with cream... Yum!

I was in town today with a friend and started craving a traditional french crepe and coffee. I decided to give in and go for it.

My Outfit Of Today:
♥Jumper- Glassons
♥White Singlet- Topshop
♥Jeggings: Topshop

♥Necklace- Awear
♥Bracelets- Topshop
♥Shoes- Glassons

So glad I've FINALLY got a job, I can't wait to start. Will keep you all updated on how it goes.
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