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So i have a new current obsession.. an obsession were i check websites daily (and about 7times in a day) to see if new bags have been added, It's a brand called Paul's Boutique, those who do not live in the UK may not of heard of it. I myself have just returned to New Zealand after living in the UK, (Northern Ireland), so I am absolutely kicking myself that i did not purchase one of these gorgeous bags while i was living there as it would of been 10times eaiser getting my hands on one!

I purchased this one I fell in love with for christmas:

When the bag finally arrived - after a very disappointing wait of 3weeks... I was even more disappointed when i opened it and it was the wrong bag!! They sent me this bag but with a white badge and a red heart- in my option a completely different bag! I liked it but it wasn't the one i ordered and to me the red heart on white background was very harsh, when i sent it back it cost me $56 for a tracking delivery! This has strongly put me off wanting to purchase online as the return delivery is too expencive. Such a disappointment but i blame the website and not the brand. I wish the offical website did internationl delivery!! 

I have been looking on other websites and have not again found this particular bag above but I have found another one I love and a purse to go with it!! So my plan is to save, save, save and order them both! Or my birthday is coming up in may... Hmmm...


♥ Oversized Tilly Twister - Navy and Pink

♥Ruby - Muted Leopard with gold trim

♥ LOVE!!

Also in this range is more beautiful bags that I thought were worth showing you all, if I could have them all.. I would love everyone of them!

 What do you guy's think??

I ♥ Paul's Boutique

First Blog Post.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my Blog!
I'm Elle. I'm a 20 year old New Zealand based, style and beauty obsessed girl. Blogging to share with you my life, superfical obsessions, thoughts, fashion and beauty. Expect a little of everything from this page. After subscribing to many YouTube channels and blogs I thought to myself, you know what: I want to start my own blog! So here it is!!

Teeny bit about me is I've recently moved back to my home country New Zealand, after living and working for 4 years on the other side of the world, Northern Ireland, UK, I have previously lived in England, UK and back here in between, long story short- We have moved ALOT! From the UK I miss certain friends and little but major things in my life like GREAT shopping and working! Now that I'm here nobody seems to want to hire me so I'm currently looking for a job! Fingers crossed one comes along soon!! A bored and poor Elle doesn't always equal a happy Elle!
So that's the mini low down for now guys.. just me living my life one step at a time... bare with me until I get this up and running.
Stay tuned, :)

Elle xo
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