Fab Weekend Spent With Fab People

Hey Guys!
I just spend the best weekend with great friends. 5 of us including my boyfriend and I, went on a 7hour roadtrip down to Wellington where my friend lives and was spending her 21st. It was great fun and laughs in the car, minus being cramped up for 7hours!

Past the pretty snowy mountains..

 Bathroom and strech-our-legs breaks..

When we finally arrived, we set up camp at a friends place, went for walks and enjoyed what was left of the sunny afternoon.

Saturday morning we went to the musuem for a wee look see before shopping. These photos were taken more on the roof of the place than inside.. but it was still a good time!

Shopping was were I managed to find and fit in, yet another pair of shoes too my collection..

Then on with the night were a few drinks were consumed and alot of fun was had!

Love all you babes! Hope you had the best weekend.

''make everyday above ground a good day''



  1. omg babe is that your boyfriend ?! :O ♥♥

  2. nice photos, looks like you had a great time! xx


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