Eyelash Extensions and Hair

Hey Beautys!

A few weeks ago my hair and beauty salon text me about an offer they were having on there eyelash extentions.. 30% off!! I decided since I wear lashes every time I go out and constantly long for massive lashes I would go for it and booked myself an appointment!
Un-fortuanly that week I was abit slack and didn't take any before and after photos! (Sorry)

I loved the length of the lashes that were applied but was abit annoyed that they feel out too often and too quickly that by the time 2weeks came for a refill I had about 8 lashes left to each eye! Not quite impressed!

My friend from work came in and had extensions done by a different lady who did them at home. Impressed with the way her's were and being told about how long hers have lasted I booked in for mine to be re-done, hopful that they would turn out as good as my friends.

This time I have some pictures for ya'll!!



I am so happy with the results. It has been 5days since I got them done and only 2 have fallen out. It did take longer for them to be applied this time as the lady is a perfectionest and takes her time (which I love, because I get results like this)
The false single lash that was applied is a differnt more curved and slightly thicker lash then the one used at the salon.
I LOVE them and think it could be a new addiction added to my beauty treatments!!

I also started getting my gel overlays on my nails again and feel 110% better having them back in my life!!

Also you may notice my blunt fringe that I got cut just over a month ago, I have let grow out. Even though I liked it alot, I am loving the way my fringe has been sitting to the side lately.

ALSO... I think I am getting itchy feet and need to change my hair again?? I'm thinking of going a dark-medium brown or getting copper- medium brown streaks through my current colour and extensions and a few choppy layers so I can get some height up in there!!

Hair crazy.. never ends!!


  1. They look absolutely gorgeous, I want some!

  2. Hey beautiful ! :D I havent talked to you in a while ! I moved my blog just to let you know and I will be deleting my previous one soon. My new blog is www.annabellstyle.blogspot.com xx


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