Update- Where Have I Been? Geordie Shore, Girl Crush, New Shoes..


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in sooo long!! With working full hours, staying more at my boyfriends and friends places than home and being sick all mixed up in one.. I haven't really had much time!

I am currently obsessed with Geordie Shore!

I know its been playing for ages but I don't have sky so haven't been able to attach onto the ban-wagon. But since discovering it online I am tots missing living in the UK!!
Missing wearing my fake tan (which I haven't touched since June (( :O!!!))  due to my mitt breaking and NZ not believing in application via tanning mitt) I am currently sitting on my day off fighting the urge to put some on just for the sake of it!

Also loving Charlotte from the show.. Her hair, make-up and style. She is my current girl crush!

A wee babe!!

For a night out:
(My kinda style)

I haven't constantly been on nights out like I was doing for awhile due to me having a bad cold.. *fingers crossed* it leaves my system soon, after 2weeks I finally went to the doctor and she gave me some antibiotics too give me an extra healing boost!

Yesturday my boyfriend and I went for a mini road trip to the beach as it was a sunny day (currently winter) but any sun reminded me of summer and I was up for doing somthing fun on our days off.
So we had a shop, ate subway on the beach and went for a walk were we even saw a baby seal taking a nap!

I brought the sexiest pair of gold glitter heels..

Very cute and canno't wait to wear them out!

I have been trying to save the last few weeks but when shoes like this pop up it gets kinda hard! Liana and I are taking our own road trip in a few weeks to my favourite place in New Zealand for shopping.. AUCKLAND!!
Very excited and canno't wait to spend money with my bestie. Mac will be getting a HUGE visit as I've hit pan on soooo many products its scaring me.

So 2pay-days time.. no money spending.. wish me luck!

Auckland, I canno't wait too see you again my old friend!

How are all my beauties??

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  1. Yay, glad your back :) Oh my goodness, those shoes are amazingggg!! You'll be able to save your money, just think of all the amazing things you can buy with it :) xx


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