Hey Hotties..

Hey Babes!!
Twinny and I Returned home from our Auckland roadtrip on Saturday!!
It was alot of fun getting away for 2days just to relax and spend money.

Auckland- I love you and all your goodies..
I spent up in Mac, mainly re-stocking on all my usal products with an extra powder and 2eye shadows added in for fun!!

I also got a great pair of shoes from Wildpair that I couldn't resit and just HAD-TO-GET!

Sexy or whattttt? A great pair of heels is my weakness!!

Also picked up a wee dress from Lippy which I wore out on Saturday night.

I LOVE Geordie Shore and my Twinny LOVE's Jersey Shore.
Here we are done up like our favourites, Charlotte and Snookie.

How's everyone been this week??

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