Hey Hotties..

Hey Babes!!
Twinny and I Returned home from our Auckland roadtrip on Saturday!!
It was alot of fun getting away for 2days just to relax and spend money.

Auckland- I love you and all your goodies..
I spent up in Mac, mainly re-stocking on all my usal products with an extra powder and 2eye shadows added in for fun!!

I also got a great pair of shoes from Wildpair that I couldn't resit and just HAD-TO-GET!

Sexy or whattttt? A great pair of heels is my weakness!!

Also picked up a wee dress from Lippy which I wore out on Saturday night.

I LOVE Geordie Shore and my Twinny LOVE's Jersey Shore.
Here we are done up like our favourites, Charlotte and Snookie.

How's everyone been this week??

You & I Have History Or Don't You Remember?

Wow, Okie.. first off.. I am sorry for the lack of posts!! Talk about useless?

I have been a busy lady working full time and living more at the boyfriends house, than my own home, with the comfort of my liddle laptop at hand whenever I am in need of an updated blog to keep my followers happy!!

So again a update is due..

Still happy!
Still partying, still living, laughing and loving everything single thing and everybody in my life.

Still obsessed with Geordie Shore and the Beautiful Charlotte!!

Stole abit of eyelash, big hair and long sock styles for my nights out.

My wee sister-in-law, lover and friend Chloe left on Sunday to return home to N.Ireland.

I'll admit it hasn't fully sunk in yet that she is no longer here but I know she is one great person that has left her size 7 footprints on my heart forever.
I know I'll see her again and it was more of a ''See you soon'' than a ''Goodbye''.
(Love You Babe)

To take my mind off her leaving and to get a wee break from being a stressed worker, My Twinny Liana and I are off to Auckland on Thursday after work to take 2days for shopping!!
GET EXCITED!! Yeeeee!!

Hello Auckland City, Hello Mac, I have missed you old friend, Hello days off!!
Returning on Saturday for a wee drink and night out and work all over again on Sunday!! Looking forward to spending money to be honest!! I'll keep you all infromed on my buy's!!

I miss you babes! I apologize for being a dumb blogger!!
I'll leave you all with a few pictures from the last few weeks!!

I Love you all!!

Loads of getting mortal and tashing on

Untill next time babes,
keep smiling, living, loving, laughing and having a flipping good life :)


Update- Where Have I Been? Geordie Shore, Girl Crush, New Shoes..


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in sooo long!! With working full hours, staying more at my boyfriends and friends places than home and being sick all mixed up in one.. I haven't really had much time!

I am currently obsessed with Geordie Shore!

I know its been playing for ages but I don't have sky so haven't been able to attach onto the ban-wagon. But since discovering it online I am tots missing living in the UK!!
Missing wearing my fake tan (which I haven't touched since June (( :O!!!))  due to my mitt breaking and NZ not believing in application via tanning mitt) I am currently sitting on my day off fighting the urge to put some on just for the sake of it!

Also loving Charlotte from the show.. Her hair, make-up and style. She is my current girl crush!

A wee babe!!

For a night out:
(My kinda style)

I haven't constantly been on nights out like I was doing for awhile due to me having a bad cold.. *fingers crossed* it leaves my system soon, after 2weeks I finally went to the doctor and she gave me some antibiotics too give me an extra healing boost!

Yesturday my boyfriend and I went for a mini road trip to the beach as it was a sunny day (currently winter) but any sun reminded me of summer and I was up for doing somthing fun on our days off.
So we had a shop, ate subway on the beach and went for a walk were we even saw a baby seal taking a nap!

I brought the sexiest pair of gold glitter heels..

Very cute and canno't wait to wear them out!

I have been trying to save the last few weeks but when shoes like this pop up it gets kinda hard! Liana and I are taking our own road trip in a few weeks to my favourite place in New Zealand for shopping.. AUCKLAND!!
Very excited and canno't wait to spend money with my bestie. Mac will be getting a HUGE visit as I've hit pan on soooo many products its scaring me.

So 2pay-days time.. no money spending.. wish me luck!

Auckland, I canno't wait too see you again my old friend!

How are all my beauties??
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