Your In My Bubble

On my day off yesturday Chloe, Liana and I went to an attraction called the Zorb for an exciting morning.

We had SOOO much fun!
Basically if you dont know what Zorbing is, its a huge bubble you jump into that has water inside and you roll down a big hill. It feels abit like a water slide and honestly is a huge adrenaline rush!

All 3 of us went inside the same one which made it even more of a laugh as we feel over, kicked, bumped or got caught in between eachother the whole time!! Lots of laughs!! You all need to try this at some stage!!
We went about 11am and it was a great, exciting start to the day. Possibly not the brightest idea doing it on a winters day in the rain as now I have the feeling of a cold lingering over me- not ideal! Hate being sick!!

After that Chloe and I went to the shop and brought some coke and choclate and watched a movie or two.

After being on a huge sugar high and bouncing off the walls we got ready and went out for a wee night out and boogie.

Lots of fun was had with my fab babes once again!
Got to love natural highs of life.


  1. Oh my gosh that seems like so much fun!! I wanna try that so bad, sounds like such a great day!! :) xxx

  2. That looks so fun. I wish we had that in my town too! Hope to try it sometime. :)

  3. Oh this is called Aqua Sphering, Zorbing is when your harnessed in and you go upside down round and round i done this and it is mega fun but over too quick :D I would like to try Aqua Sphering sometime!!!


  4. LUCKY YOU! im jealoussss :O xxxx


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