Wee Updates For My Beaut's

How are all my fab followers??
I feel like I'm on non-stop lately and all I do is work Sunday- Thursday then I'm always on the go on my 2days off busy upto somthing!!

Not alot of up-dates, still loving life. Loving my friends and family.

Yes I am now a taken lady. :) Wee rose worked a treat, Who does that anymore? LOL Cutie!!

Going crazy, currently hitting pan on all my favourite Mac make-up products atm. May need to make an order very soon for if I run out of my foundation.. nightmare!!
Also feel like I need to book some time off and go shopping in Auckland very soon. Wee wishlist is always expanding.
Me and Liana have started a wee tradition of having a twin photo evey thursday before we go out. Very cute!!

Any requests for posts??
Having a bath tonight and gonna relax, paint my nails and do my hair.

Hope your all happy.
Love you's loads!!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you something:


  2. Yayyy, how exciting!! The rose was very cute.. I awarded you with the top ten award, so check that out! :) x


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