Life: I Appreciate You

I appreciate my life! I appreciate my job, the things I have in my life, my health, my family, my friends, my twin and my followers! I LOVE YOU ALL!!
Life is currently amazing!

This year so far I've found two very amazing young ladies that have changed my life for the better. Made me love it and want to be happy every single day. I have found a great job working with a great group of girls and can say 2011 is a good time!!

So most of you will now my Babe Chloe..

Kills me to know my wee C Boo is leaving too move back to Northern Ireland in 6weeks time! I'll miss her everyday.. OoooOoOoooo!! For now though I'll enjoy and appreciate every single day I have with her and know I've made a friend for life and one day a REAL sister- in- law. Haha.

Then my wee twin Liana..

We even get caught out getting ready for our photo at the same time.

I've become so close with her in work in such a short peirod of time. We think the same and have our own wee boogie sessions in work daily. I LOVE HER and so greatful to have someone like her in my life.

As always I'll leave you with a few photies from Thursday Night..

(Getting my sailor on)

I like big butt's and I canno't lie..

The past is the past and it can't be changed, but I CAN create the future I want. - Liana

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