Enjoying This

I don't know if you guy's are getting bored with my photos of outtings but I'm just having alot of fun in my life right now. A few years ago when I turned 18, I clamined that year was my best and most fun year so far! I was always busy working, with friends, out partying (not always drinking, just having fun) and just generally happy.
 After finding this quote at the start of the year I'm trying to make it happen.

I just truly appreciate all the people in my life right now the ones that make it great. I don't have beef with anyone, I've learnt to grow up and drop grudges quickly as life is short and tomorrow is a new day. I try to make and keep myself as happy as I can. I love my friends and the ones that have come into my life and instantly made an impact on me. I'm having so much fun meeting new people and getting close to them, hanging out and enjoying myself. I try to remind myself and others daily to be happy and just enjoy life.


(Abitta Ying & Yang)

If you think of somthing that you know you want to do in your life, don't wait for one day, do it now! Cross it off your bucket list early.

If your not living on the edge.. then your taking up too much space.

Live it, Love it, Do it.


  1. love this post and love you more. nice little photos of us besties! :D xxxx

  2. I love looking at your party photos, haha, always looks like so much fun! I absolutely love your attitude to everything!! It's great that you are enjoying life! :) xxx


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