Did You Do Somthing With Your Hair? Again??

Yes I did do somthing with my hair.. AGAIN! I got a full fringe.. Finally!

 Yes, I rang up and booked it on Wednesday and thought, It's been on my mind for ages.. Why not? I've had every other hairstyle under the sun, whats one more?

So here it is for your viewing pleasure:

This is the 1st day I've had a chance to play around with it and style it properly, I've been a busy bunny and not been home the last 3days! LOL
Very happy with it so far. What do you's think??

ADD with changing my hair.. it will never end!!


  1. i abolutely love it!! gorgeous x

  2. i love your hair im a fan of bangs :)

  3. Preeeetttaaaaay. Now, stop being gorgeous kthanxbye.

    Na I'm just joking love. xxx hugz!


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