Did You Do Somthing With Your Hair? Again??

Yes I did do somthing with my hair.. AGAIN! I got a full fringe.. Finally!

 Yes, I rang up and booked it on Wednesday and thought, It's been on my mind for ages.. Why not? I've had every other hairstyle under the sun, whats one more?

So here it is for your viewing pleasure:

This is the 1st day I've had a chance to play around with it and style it properly, I've been a busy bunny and not been home the last 3days! LOL
Very happy with it so far. What do you's think??

ADD with changing my hair.. it will never end!!

Wee Updates For My Beaut's

How are all my fab followers??
I feel like I'm on non-stop lately and all I do is work Sunday- Thursday then I'm always on the go on my 2days off busy upto somthing!!

Not alot of up-dates, still loving life. Loving my friends and family.

Yes I am now a taken lady. :) Wee rose worked a treat, Who does that anymore? LOL Cutie!!

Going crazy, currently hitting pan on all my favourite Mac make-up products atm. May need to make an order very soon for if I run out of my foundation.. nightmare!!
Also feel like I need to book some time off and go shopping in Auckland very soon. Wee wishlist is always expanding.
Me and Liana have started a wee tradition of having a twin photo evey thursday before we go out. Very cute!!

Any requests for posts??
Having a bath tonight and gonna relax, paint my nails and do my hair.

Hope your all happy.
Love you's loads!!

Who Said Romance Is Dead?

Okay so today in work I got a wee suprise I wanted to show you guys as I thought it was the most adorable out- of- the- blue thing to recieve. EVER!

Liana called my name in excitement jumping around when it arrived when I was out the back on my break in work today.. Needless too say I was very excited and started jumping around with her and work did not get our full 100% attention for the rest of the day but everyone got the biggest brightest smile they will ever recieve! Haha..


Your In My Bubble

On my day off yesturday Chloe, Liana and I went to an attraction called the Zorb for an exciting morning.

We had SOOO much fun!
Basically if you dont know what Zorbing is, its a huge bubble you jump into that has water inside and you roll down a big hill. It feels abit like a water slide and honestly is a huge adrenaline rush!

All 3 of us went inside the same one which made it even more of a laugh as we feel over, kicked, bumped or got caught in between eachother the whole time!! Lots of laughs!! You all need to try this at some stage!!
We went about 11am and it was a great, exciting start to the day. Possibly not the brightest idea doing it on a winters day in the rain as now I have the feeling of a cold lingering over me- not ideal! Hate being sick!!

After that Chloe and I went to the shop and brought some coke and choclate and watched a movie or two.

After being on a huge sugar high and bouncing off the walls we got ready and went out for a wee night out and boogie.

Lots of fun was had with my fab babes once again!
Got to love natural highs of life.

Life: I Appreciate You

I appreciate my life! I appreciate my job, the things I have in my life, my health, my family, my friends, my twin and my followers! I LOVE YOU ALL!!
Life is currently amazing!

This year so far I've found two very amazing young ladies that have changed my life for the better. Made me love it and want to be happy every single day. I have found a great job working with a great group of girls and can say 2011 is a good time!!

So most of you will now my Babe Chloe..

Kills me to know my wee C Boo is leaving too move back to Northern Ireland in 6weeks time! I'll miss her everyday.. OoooOoOoooo!! For now though I'll enjoy and appreciate every single day I have with her and know I've made a friend for life and one day a REAL sister- in- law. Haha.

Then my wee twin Liana..

We even get caught out getting ready for our photo at the same time.

I've become so close with her in work in such a short peirod of time. We think the same and have our own wee boogie sessions in work daily. I LOVE HER and so greatful to have someone like her in my life.

As always I'll leave you with a few photies from Thursday Night..

(Getting my sailor on)

I like big butt's and I canno't lie..

The past is the past and it can't be changed, but I CAN create the future I want. - Liana

Enjoying This

I don't know if you guy's are getting bored with my photos of outtings but I'm just having alot of fun in my life right now. A few years ago when I turned 18, I clamined that year was my best and most fun year so far! I was always busy working, with friends, out partying (not always drinking, just having fun) and just generally happy.
 After finding this quote at the start of the year I'm trying to make it happen.

I just truly appreciate all the people in my life right now the ones that make it great. I don't have beef with anyone, I've learnt to grow up and drop grudges quickly as life is short and tomorrow is a new day. I try to make and keep myself as happy as I can. I love my friends and the ones that have come into my life and instantly made an impact on me. I'm having so much fun meeting new people and getting close to them, hanging out and enjoying myself. I try to remind myself and others daily to be happy and just enjoy life.


(Abitta Ying & Yang)

If you think of somthing that you know you want to do in your life, don't wait for one day, do it now! Cross it off your bucket list early.

If your not living on the edge.. then your taking up too much space.

Live it, Love it, Do it.

Welcome To The Fun House


Recently I feel like all I'm doing is working, working, working.. partying, partying, partying!!
(Not that its a bad thing!)
Last night I caught up with one of my best friends that came home from Australia a few weeks ago. She returned home from her 10day cruise that shes been on recently and we decided to have a night out so Her, Chloe and I went out for a couple drinks and again I took a few photos I thought I'd share with you's as it's always abit fun..

I am having so much fun in my life at the moment & I hope you are too!
Remember what I said ladies, always live for you and be happy with whatever you do in life.

Love you's!
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