What A Weekend!

What a busy little weekend I had! 3 birthday party's in 3 days! It was alot of fun celebrating with friends, having a good time, catching up with old school mates and making new friends.
Got too love those weekends!
Here's a few piccy's I thought I'd share with you's..

Chloe picked this crumbed prawn up and didn't realise what it was! After biteing into it she screamed:
''Omg, It had a frikkin tail!!''
Not wise these two!!

Did my lovely ladies have a good weekend?? Did anything exciting happen?


  1. hey babe, why are you so stunning ?

  2. Awh looks like fun, I love those heels you're wearing. I spent my weekend playing the playstation in bed and watching movies with my boyfriend. It was fun nevertheless <3


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