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Hi Babes, I was tagged by the hottie Hannah after reading her tag to do this.
Here we go..

The ABC's Of Me..
AGE: 21

BED SIZE: Double! It;s truely the most comfortable bed ever!

CHORE YOU HATE: Cleaning up after animals, brothers and other people who make a major mess!

DOGS: None ATM but I do want too get a miniture dog one day.

ESSENTIAL START OF YOUR DAY: Sounds silly but my Make-Up! If it starts off looking good, it'll keep me in a good mood all day.

FAVOURITE COLOUR: Pink-a-holic!!

GOLD OR SILVER: Gold! I used to think it was tacky, now I love it and rarely ever wear silver apart from my Pandora bracelet!

HEIGHT: Bitesize, 5'2.

INSTRUMENTS I PLAY: I don't play anything.

JOB TITLE: 4th in charge, Merchandiser and Accessories Manager.

KIDS: None just yet.

MUM'S NAME: Gianne

NICKNAME: Ellie, Ellary, LuLu.. 3 as they are used by different people in my life.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: When I was younger and had kidney problems.

PET PEEVE: People who drive slower than the speed limit. People who do not brush, floss and rinse their teeth!! VPL- Visible panty lines!

QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: 'Every song has an end, but is that any reason not too enjoy the music''. Not from a movie but from my favourite TV show, One Tree Hill. I live by this quote!


SIBLINGS: 2 older brothers and 1 younger.. I'm the only girl.

TIME YOU WAKE UP: 6.20am on work days and 8am-9am on my days off.

UNDERWEAR: Random question! Small, comfortable ones, showing no panty lines WHAT-SO-EVER!


WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE: Traffic, waiting on other people getting ready. Not being able to decide what too wear!

X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD DONE: My foot which was badly sprained in highschool, and teeth x-rays.

YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: Cupcakes, cakes- baking is my favourite! I really need to learn too cook proper foods and meals.

ZOO ANIMAL: I haven't been to the Zoo since I was a toddler so I never remember going. I am currently trying to make somone come with me somtime soon! I'd say it would be somthing cute like a monkey.

So, there you have it, the ABC's of me. I tag all you beauties to do it aswell.


  1. hahahah omg i love this post its so cute and funny ! i just posted my blog finally since my last post :L check it out <3 hope you had an amazing wken xxxxxx

  2. Ohh you are so so tiny!! And oh my goodness you have to wake up early for work haha I don't think I could do that everyday :( Very cute post!! xxx

  3. You are officially the coolest! My favourite colour is pink too, cheyaa ;) xxx


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