New OPI & Nail's Of The Day

Hey Babes!!

A department store here called Farmers had a 'Buy 2 get 1 Free' offer on all OPI products today and I just couldn't resist!!

OPI's: Purple With A Purpose, Bling Dynasty, Natural Nail Base Coat

I've been looking at this purple colour for a long time now and finally got it! YAY! A nice vibrant gold shade (even though it's showing up alot more mustardy on camera) and a base coat as I was running out of mine.
I LOVE OPI and could have gone abit crazy if I didn't have to pay my car off this week. (Somthing broke and has set me back over $500!! Not Impressed!)

The last 4days I haven't painted my nails and honestly every time I looked at them I thought YUCK!! I ALWAYS have polish or gel or something on my nails, ALWAYS!! It was so weird I just didn't have the time or patience to sit and do them the last few days. I felt extremely naked!! So after buying these I thought I'd finally re-paint and this is what I did..

First I painted with my new Bling Dynasty Shade.

Then I added the OPI's Shutter

A small trick too applying shutter nail polish if you want more of a Leapord print or Zebra effect is too paint the Shutter on side- to -side instead of the normal up-&-down. It gives it a different look than what every one else is doing. Also love it over top of this Bling Dynasty shade as it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it which makes the gold stand out more!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free= LOVE!


  1. wow it looks like tiger print ! they look really mint !

    the exchange went so smooth with the company where i bought my shoes from ! soooo... im gonna make a post about my shoes whenever i get them ! and also... i just bought the illamasqua primer even though i was already low on money lol. i just couldnt wait for it since they got a promotion code which takes 20% off lol. im gonna blog post about it later (;

  2. wow never seen anything like this. :O Its so awesome. I want to be able to do that to my nails!

  3. I love each of these colours elle, just gorgeous! And I am loving the effect that you did, I am certainly going to try it. xx

  4. When the OPI goes on sale - you just have to say yes!! I love that yellow!

  5. wow your nails look amazing! and that purple nail varnish is a gorgeous shade :)


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